Found in Middle America.

Sometimes you don’t see the things that are right under your nose. That is definitely the case with the Columbus, Ohio based American Furnishings. It is a good thing that In(side) Loop down in Texas has her eyes open. The company manufactures and sells beautiful furniture like this Post Office Organizer from their shop in middle Ohio or as they say “where the grain belt and the rust belt embrace”. It is good to see that all of the offerings are made in the United States. The stuff that really caught my eye is the Vintage Industrial collection – which is made from reclaimed parts from abandoned factories all over the Midwest. Images below and after the jump.

A better description from the company’s website:

Vintage Industrial

Work benches from a decrepit Packard Motor Car plant become a kitchen island. Steel parts carts from a General Motors plant in Detroit become rolling liquor cabinets. Long forgotten wooden foundry objects become “high art” when placed on metal stands or hung on a wall. Large metal shoe racks from a foreclosed Ohio factory become book shelves.

All images from American Furnishings.

Comments on “Found in Middle America.

    Courtney on April 16, 2008 1:03 PM:

    Isn’t this company the best?! I’m itching to get one of those old carts to replace my current coffee table. Something that really resonated with me, in terms of industrial furniture, I think the prices are quite fair!

    mw362797 on April 16, 2008 1:57 PM:

    That company is great – I am obsessed. Good find on your part. The inside loop has it going on!

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