From the Desk of…

From the Desk of… is a window into the world and workspace of some of ACL’s most stylish friends.

First up in the series is Michael Macko, Saks Fifth Avenue vice president and all around good guy. Details after the jump.

The description of Michael’s home office:

My desk is a classic white Parson’s, Eames Eiffel chair, Artemide lamp, the brown lacquer box has the ashes of my Long haired dachshund Corgi, who I just lost in November, the frame has a picture of him and my other dog (19 year old Serena) by photographer TK, there is my berry, my iPhone, usually my iBook is on the desk too, but I had people over and it was in the living room being used as a stereo, my glasses are the “lemtosh” by Sol Moscot, the same one’s that Johnny Depp wears and Truman Capote wore, an eyewear classic. The pen holder is an old Elton John candle, the pen (on the pad) is a platinum Mont Blanc, I am one of those guys who everyone says “I am difficult to shop for” so I get a lot of expensive pens as gifts, I guess that’s what you give the man who has everything. The Hermes boxes are all mine, I own everything that came in them. The orange agenda (on the left) is Hermes the wallet, passport holder and larger agenda are all LV, the journal is made from antique African fabric by Luisa Cevesa.

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    Jonathan S. Paul on April 9, 2008 2:33 PM:

    Great feature idea. Reminds of something “Vitals” magazine used to do… ahem!

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