Brooklyn Storefronts.

The New York Times City Room blog (and the omnipresent Sewell Chan) have a nice feature and interview with artist / photographer Paul Lacy about his new photography book of independent Brooklyn storefronts. New York is fortunate to have so many independent shops and restaurants. It is something that makes me love living here. The chains have gained a lot of ground, but the independent, family owned merchants are the inspiring and unique places that make New York special. Anyone that has been to B&H can attest. My own little collection of storefronts can be seen here.

Below: images from Lacy’s book.

All photos from Paul Lacy via The New York Times.

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    carlene on April 9, 2008 12:24 PM:

    Thanks so much for these; I love them all, but especially the taxidermy shop with the shadowy, um, subjects.

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