Breaking the Rules in April GQ.

I recognized a few people in the April issue of GQ. The venerable pub tapped some fashion insiders to discuss their personal style and the fashion rules they live by. One of the things that drives men’s fashion is the age old set of rules that quietly dictate how men dress. There is a large group of guys that like the established code of customs, because they give order and security to the otherwise insecure. In my opinion these same rules are the reason that waspy style endures. Being fashionable and having style is based on the skill of bending and twisting the rules and confidently creating your own look.

Dao-Yi Chow and I worked together back when he was the creative director of Sean John and I did PR for the brand. He has always had amazing style and a very charismatic personality. His new line Public School looks great.


As far as style goes, Andy Spade is my hero. He epitomizes classic cool. In his profile he discusses the art of going sockless – which I support from May through October. After that I am wearing my English wool socks from J. Press. I love Andy’s dirty Clarks, khaki sport coat, selvage Levis and Tuesday New York Times.

Mr. Macko (as I call him) is another one of those cool preppy guys that can wear the perfect mixture of new brands and classic labels. I don’t feel like I can pull off the shorts and sport coat look but Mr. Macko is making it look easy. He also seems to be on the same wavelength as Andy Spade with the shoes sans socks. Very stylish sir.

Photographer Nathaniel Goldberg and I (and the GQ editors) have the same philosophy, break your things in. Roughed up and lived in is always better.


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    Ed on July 30, 2008 12:34 PM:

    I like the sans socks look like Andy Spade, but think dressier shoes like penny or tassled loafers look great if the legs are well tanned.

    Bernie on September 18, 2008 1:29 PM:

    I’ve been searching for quite sometime for boots similar to what Nathaniel Goldberg is wearing. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    (sorry, also posted this in your ‘about’ section by mistake)

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