The Good News.

The Details team seems to be dedicating more space to the front of book news pages these days. I noticed the new look in March but I didn’t get a chance to go over it here. I was impressed with the improved section from the April issue. The art direction has been cleaned up and redesigned creating a fresh new look. There are a few enjoyable pages of news and service in the section. One that I particularly enjoyed is a breakdown of presidential style through the years. I noticed that Details didn’t play favorites and featured four Democrats and four Republicans. The story was an interesting way to discuss the 2008 presidential candidate’s style because normally those features are brutal.


Also in the April issue is a suiting buyers guide for Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. I appreciate the fact that Details choose Freemans Sporting Club over some of the other tailors that are on the scene. I need to do a post at some point on the competing schools of Martin Greenfield (Freemans Sporting Club, Band of Outsiders) versus the Rocco Ciccarelli camp (Thom Browne etc). Maybe Details will…or is that more GQ? I also wonder if Michael Andrews Bespoke has a PR team (feel free to contact me if not)? Because he would have been perfect for this story. Maybe the timing was off though.


In 10 Rules of Style, Details talks to the stylish and well put together Michael Bastian. Normally these types of Q&As aren’t groundbreaking but Bastian does provide good fodder. He really seems to have a good sense for what normal men get out of fashion and clothing. It’s refreshing.


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    Tomas Norman on September 30, 2008 2:35 PM:

    Your right, Michael Andrews Bespoke would’ve been perfect for this article!

    I started buying from them a year ago when my wife bought me a gift-certificate for a custom shirt for me on my birthday. I’ve since expanded into their suits and haven’t looked back.

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