Sweater Solidarity with Vampire Weekend.


Vampire Weekend SNL Saturday Night Live

ACL stands with Vulture in support of Vampire Weekend’s cricket sweater styled SNL performance this past Saturday. The band’s quest to become the world’s preppiest musical group remains on track. Apparently, the “blogosphere” has their knitwear in a twist over the band’s insistence on dressing like my grandpa. After a recent outing to see The Virgins play in LA my friend Rob put it best, “preppy is the new hipster”.

From New York Magazine:

Also not helping matters is the charticle in yesterday’s Times Style Magazine (which notes that if Vampire Weekend’s sound were a garment, it would most likely be a sweater)…

A little background from The New York Times:

The guys are just as studied when it comes to fashion, with a preference for blazers, button-downs and other blue-blood affectations. Mr. Koenig said he had found his cardigan, decorated with embroidered pheasants, at a Ralph Lauren boutique in Palo Alto, Calif. “I’ve got another one that’s yellow with dogs on it,” he said. “That’s what the kids are wearing these days,” said Mr. Tomson, whose cardigan was free of ornamentation.

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