All the Good Stuff is in Japan.

Part One of a Series.

I was browsing the Ships SS08 catalog and there was so much that I wanted. Below are some of my must haves, even though I basically already own all of these things.


Post O’Alls – so American you can’t even find it in the States.






Where else in the world does the catalog have a picture of the designer? Very cool.



Comments on “All the Good Stuff is in Japan.

    Steve Saari on March 5, 2008 10:54 AM:

    I understand this is a Japanese company. And from your comment, I assume it is not available in the U.S.
    Of course, many of the brands shown are available here.
    I am particularly interested in the striped Pea Jacket (#10). Do you have any info on that?

    I also really liked some of the wares on the Old Town Clothing line mentioned in a previous post. It’s a shame that isn’t available here – it seems as if some regional boutique (there are a couple in my area) might be able to showcase them.


    TINTIN on March 6, 2008 4:18 PM:

    Wonderful catalog. Thanks for posting it. As an Army Brat it brought back great memories. My father would send us Asian catalogs and we were allowed to pick something and he’s ship it back. The catalogs always had a unique smell.

    While I resent the Japanese for having such a great selection of American design, without them it might very well disappear. At least they support it. Most American men under 40 seem quite content with buying their duck shoes, ventless suits and tone on tone shirts from The Men’s Wearhouse. “You’re gonna like the way you look…” What Madison Avenue hack came up with that? Or was it just turning the truth upside down?

    Peter on March 10, 2008 5:24 PM:

    Great blog. Just wanted to give you a heads up – NY Skate brand Acapulco Gold produces their jeans in collaboration with Post O’ Alls!

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