Gloverall Deluxe.

One of the things that caught my attention at Project a few weeks ago, was a brilliant collaboration between Stussy and the English stalwart Gloverall. The joint effort produced a limited edition duffle coat for the higher-end Stussy Deluxe label. The special wool toggle-coats are a clever mix of new and old school. The English outerwear guys (Gloverall, Mackintosh, etc.), are smart to participate in these types of partnerships. While collaborations may not generate huge amounts of sales, they are worth it strictly from a marketing perspective. It also occurs to me that there is an interesting and unexpected connection between cool street wear brands (Supreme, Stussy, etc.) and older established companies like Gloverall (the connection might just be the Japanese). Or it could be, that classic items like duffle coats penetrate so many different types of style that they can logically and successfully be paired with a variety of different brands.

Stussy Deluxe Gloverall

Stussy Deluxe Gloverall

Stussy Deluxe Gloverall

I was impressed with the understated and confident style of Stussy Deluxe. The special duffle coats will be available in the US this fall at Stussy stores. The coats have been on sale in Japan since late last year.

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    TINTIN on March 3, 2008 5:04 PM:

    For reasons that evade me, Gloverall offers a “proper” duffel coat only in Japan. Wood toggles, hemp rope laces and flapless pockets just like the original.

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