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fre2.pngNew York is the capital of the service universe. If you have a crazy idea for a company, New York City is the one place that has enough people with the disposable income to make it a success. With everything in the world being “luxury” these days, companies have to work hard to find new services that distinguish themselves to the 10021 set. Enter Flatrate Elite, the high-end moving company that provides the world’s only true luxury moving experience. The company professes to have thought of everything, from providing you with your own private “elite liaison”, to setting up all of your electronics, to moving your rare wine collection. This really seems like something Michael Shvo would think up. How long until Flatrate Elite is the official mover of the W New York Downtown? Also, how has this not been covered in New York Magazine?

Literally, all you need is a Centurion Card and a lot of nice stuff that needs moving. You barely have to know your address. Okay, all you have to know is your name and how to use your cell phone. That’s it!

More info from the company’s website.

“Led by your personal Elite Liaison, we’ll handle everything you need for your move from start to finish. From planning and logistics, to unpacking and setup, we’ll move you to your new home while beautifully managing and protecting your art, antiques, wine collection, pianos, buildings, and more in the process.”

The services include:

Elite Liaison

An experienced and knowledgeable Elite Liaison will assist you throughout moving day, to provide any support you may require and can even help to oversee your move in your absence, if preferred. Your Liaison can also run errands, organize, help you to update your new address with all of your utilities, and more.

Packing & Unpacking, Labeling and Inventory

Our skilled packing teams employ a precise and proprietary packing and labeling system, in which each box is meticulously inventoried, photographed and packed. Thanks to this unique system, the contents of every packed box can be reviewed without opening. You’ll also be provided with a detailed list of your entire transferred inventory on the day of the move. The same team to pack your belongings will then unpack for you upon arrival, as well, replacing everything carefully where it belongs.

Elite Carpenter

The carpenter will build custom crates for your belongings where required, and also handles disassembly and reassembly of furnishings or items as well.

Handyman Service

A handyman will be at your service, available for all those little tasks to help make your new residence a home — from hanging pictures, to installing shelves, light fixtures, and more.

Hoisting and Heavy Items Handling

We provide expert hoisting, as needed, for any unusually heavy or oversized items. Whether it’s an oversized piece of furniture or a piano, we’ll get it done safely and skillfully.


Our excellent cleaning service will make sure both residences — old and new — are sparkling and clean for the transition.

Car Service

For your convenience on moving day, Elite will provide you with car service to take you to your new home.

IT Professional

Elite’s IT professional means you can skip the tedium and frustration of electronics and computer setup and let us handle it for you. Our experienced IT person will be at your service on move-in to easily install and set up everything from your computers and networks, to televisions, surround-sound or other electronic components, and more.


Elite will provide you with a dedicated locksmith, so that you can change your locks to your specifications before move-in, for your convenience and peace of mind.

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    Philadelphia Movers on February 19, 2009 4:44 PM:

    This really does sound like a luxurious moving experience. It would be interesting to see how much this high-end service costs.

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