Thursday Styles Goes to Work.

Anyone that read David Colman’s piece in the Thursday Styles yesterday could have predicted that I wouldn’t be able to resist covering it here. I am a huge fan of work wear inspired fashion. Growing up in blue-collar Ohio I suppose you could say it is in my blood. Brands like Red Wing, Carhartt, Wigwam, Dickies and even Cintas were staples. Having spent my younger years doing manual labor, I’m lucky that now I can just dress the part. The closest I get to a construction site is on Curbed.

The interest of fashion in work wear brands is a good thing. I’m happy that many of the companies I mentioned earlier (not all of the ones in the article) still make their products in the US. The fact of the matter is, the blue collar guys demand it. Hopefully being fashionable will be good for their business.

As mentioned in the article, Dave’s New York is the best place in the city to get the read-deal work wear classics.



Images via Josh Lehrer for The New York Times at One York in Tribeca