Project Compulsion | Swims.

One thing I took away from the Project trade show is a reinforced concept of grandpa chic. Like my post on Klein Tools, everything old is new again. Case in point, the Norwegian Galoshe company Swims. The founder/designer of Swims got the great idea to reinvent the Galoshe after wearing a pair that his grandfather had given to him years earlier. The colorful and well-designed rubbers have a unique lining that, as an added bonus, will shine your shoes while you wear them. Swims also come with a fabric bag to stash them away in your briefcase when it is clear and dry.

The imagery they shot for the marketing materials is terrific. I love when a company completely styles an entire shoot around something like a Galoshe. The Saab is a nice touch too.

Swims (aprox. $155) are available at select Bloomingdales stores.




Mario Batali anyone?



Wait, doesn’t The Sartorialist have the patent on pictures with bikes?


Photography by Marius Ektvedt.