American Express x NFL x YouTube = Fashion Week.

Innovation is usually late to the fashion world. Case in point, the Fashion Calendar finally went online. This season, Amex made a “quantum leap in the game” to quote Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. The credit-card giant set up cameras all over the tents to broadcast the buyers, editors and the people in all-black with headsets from every angle. It’s just like football coverage. The design of the website is pretty bad and the live feeds (read: security camera footage) should be embeddable, but still I love the way bankers think. Next year will it be in 1080p?

Click below to crash the tents…

Amex at the Tents

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Comments on “American Express x NFL x YouTube = Fashion Week.

    sittingpugs on February 8, 2008 8:24 AM:

    Fashion week covered like a sports event. Shudder to think (?)

    At least there aren’t instant slow-motion replays O!o

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