Fashion Week Under the Influence | Where to Drink & Dine for the Shows.

In the second installment of Fashion Week Under the Influence we take you to Thom Browne and Unis. We learned from The New York Times that fashion editors don’t eat steaks, so this time we are going to keep the fare light and keep the focus on the drinking.

Part Two

Designer: Thom Browne

Date: Monday, February 4th – 12PM

Show Location: 10th Avenue & 37th Street | A.C.L. Recommends: ESCA (402 W 43rd Street nr. Ninth Avenue).

Thom Browne’s campaign of shock-and-awe continues with what will most certainly prove to be another episode of his lurid and theatrical fashion shows. Once you get your wits about you, head up a few blocks to the delicious Italian seafood restaurant Esca and have a glass of Prosecco with the Lobster pasta or you can just stick to the wine.


(Above: Esca)

Designer: Unis

Date: Wednesday, February 6th – 5pm

Show Location: Bacaro, 136 Division Street on the LES | A.C.L. Recommends: Bacaro (136 Division Street nr. Ludlow).

Unis has a cult following and for good reason. The brand has good taste in clothes, restaurants, fonts (see their website for proof) and this good taste translates right into their collection. They are basically the New York based APC. Good basic clothing with a little edge and a little prep all mixed together. No obsolescence is a key feature – some would call that timeless.


(Above: Bacaro)