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Diving Into the Ring Jacket Tumblr.

Mar 9th, 2014 | Categories: Internets, Jake Gallagher, Japan | by Jake Gallagher


If you’ve never heard of Ring Jacket before we can’t blame you (although if you were paying attention to our post on The Armoury, you would’ve spotted their name.) While Ring Jacket was founded in 1954, the Japanese brand only officially arrived in the U.S. recently, as the aforementioned New York location of The Armoury began to offer a refined assortment of sport coats, knits, and overcoats from RJ’s astonishingly deep collections. Ring Jacket is best described as a proficient amalgam of Italian tailoring, American sportswear, and Japanese panache. Their wares range from bold soft shouldered sport coats, to inventive knit blousons, to slim pinstriped suits, pulling dribs and drabs of influence from the world over to create a cohesive range of formal and casual pieces.


Now Downloading | Gear Patrol iPad App

Jul 25th, 2011 | Categories: Internets | by Michael Williams

Today, Gear Patrol unveiled its slick new iPad app, which beautifully takes all of the cool stuff from the site and translates it into an easy to use iPad friendly situation. The two founders and creative forces behind Gear Patrol, Ben Bowers and Eric Yang, are two of the smartest and talented guys I have came across in the business. I’ve watched them boot strap and build Gear Patrol into an amazing online destination and I couldn’t be more impressed with what they have done.

This app is a smart new extension for Gear Patrol and a welcome way for readers like myself to easily enjoy all of the good stuff that the site has to offer. Much respect to Eric and Ben for being good people making these internets a better (and cooler) place.

[Download the Gear Patrol iPad app]


ACL Endorses | The Pint Imperial

Jan 2nd, 2009 | Categories: Drinking, Internets, New York City | by Michael Williams

Ever wonder how to tell if your favorite bar loves you? Apparently it has something to do with the glass your beer is served in. The blog The Pint Imperial — written by Brooklyn’s Sasha Lamb — is an interesting read and a great resource for anyone keen on proper beer drinking in New York City.

In addition to giving me a robust list of new watering holes, TPI drops some serious pint glass knowledge on ya:

“This glass is special for several reasons. First of all, historically, it is a unit of measurement that harkens back to colonial days, when these units were royally sanctioned to the commonwealth. The King at some point changed it from 16 to 20oz. History plus booze is always good. Secondly, this unit of measure is 20 ounces, whereas an american pint is 16 ounces.”


If you’ve got the itch for the good pint glasses, Kegworks sells them (with the etching as pictured above), for $6.95. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Read all of The Pint Imperial here.