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Slowear | All You Ever Need

Jul 18th, 2013 | Categories: Italy, Menswear | by Michael Williams

On the surface Slowear doesn’t appear to be much different from a variety of other Italian brands. Nice fabrics, good construction and some interesting design, but not over designed. The difference becomes more clear the minute you actually wear the product. It’s at that point that you will very quickly place the brand on an altogether higher level. At dinner last night, my friend randomly asked me what my favorite brand was. I had no real answer, I was stumped. Today I woke up and saw this great video from Mr Porter profiling Slowear and my choice was right there. Now I am thinking that if I were deserted on an island and could only wear one brand for the rest of my life, I would easily choose Slowear.

It all started for me with Incotex pants — they are the pants brand under Slowear and they make amazing pants. They’re spendy, but worth it. When I am in Italy, I almost always come back with a pair or two. Getting the VAT back helps and it’s nice to get some Italian-only fits. In-between trips to Italy I buy them from Mr Porter. The jackets, sweaters and shirts are also well worth the price of admission. It’s all basic, thoughtfully designed and well-constructed. It’s the sleeper brand of all sleeper brands — a sentiment I’ve extolled before. I appreciate the fact that Mr Porter gets it enough to feature the brand and tell the story of Slowear. Because sometimes even the most obvious choice can be easily overlooked. [SLOWEAR]

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8 Comments to “Slowear | All You Ever Need”

  1. Kathryn C.
    on Jul 19th, 2013
    @ 2:18 AM

    Wow! That is an amazing video of the clothing production process of Slowear Company. It is clear what meticulous processes their clothes went through to become of good quality and have great style! The good thing about the brand is that they create wardrobe staples so you can be sure that if you wear them, your clothes will survive many fashion trends throughout the years!

  2. Fedster
    on Jul 19th, 2013
    @ 10:11 AM

    I learned about Slowear from ACL (thanks Michael) and picked some up some Glanshirts and a pair of Incotex pants at the store in London recently. They have become my favourite casual wear pieces. So well made, so comfortable. Too bad there’s no store in NYC.

  3. Lou F
    on Jul 19th, 2013
    @ 12:31 PM

    A bit of a diversion, but the video just further confuses for me what we really mean when we say–and applaud–that something is handmade. This is gorgeous, well-crafted stuff, but just look at how mechanized the process is: the fabric cutting, the dye mixing, the drying, aspects of the sewing, etc. Seems to me we should just drop handmade as a virtue, because nothing truly is and that may be for the better.

  4. Matthew Pike
    on Jul 19th, 2013
    @ 6:02 PM

    I don’t think I’m quite at a point where I would consider a brand like this for my wears, that’s just down to occasion and practicality I think. One to consider for the smarter times.

  5. Jens Peter
    on Jul 25th, 2013
    @ 5:14 AM

    Great site you got here. Great to finally find a site that is focused on the quality rather than the fast-fashion.
    I have been using Slowear for quite some time and I love their pants. Slowear chinos and Huit denim are my favourite bottoms to put together with our t-shirts :)
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Rommel Servito
    on Aug 7th, 2013
    @ 12:57 PM

    Theres a Officina Slowear in London South Molton Street, other than looking on Mr Porter its great to see the whole collection in store. All the reviews above are greatly appreciated. Please visit the store guys.

  7. ELSK
    on Aug 7th, 2013
    @ 2:09 PM

    Cheers….although to really appreciate it, you have to travel to Italy and find a small independent store to buy it in :)

  8. Rommel Servito
    on Aug 9th, 2013
    @ 7:29 AM

    Why would you appreciate it in a small independent store? I would rather see the Slowear collection in store thats owned by Slowear itself, small independent stores buy via wholesale therefore only show limited pieces and not the entire collection. Mr Porter customers alone come in store to find that they have a wider range of Slowear products to look at, as for going to Italy to experience the Slowear ethos, well you get that same ethos in store, Officina Slower London was named the no.1 store Internationally within the company, i think thats says a lot :) ..but thanks to all anyway.