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Sep 19th, 2011 | Categories: SIGNALS | by Michael Williams

  • Probably the best 160 second video history of a 160 year old company you will ever see. [Bally] [Pictured]
  • An auction full of amazing pilot’s watches [Hodinkee]
  • American Apparel makes 53,000,000 garments a year in L.A. [American Apparel Factory Tour]
  • MN-based Duluth Pack drops a tasty looking bag exclusive to Barneys [Selectism]
  • That shit cray. Nike is getting after the military boot thing. [SlamxHype]
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7 Comments to “SIGNALS”

  1. Ramalhoni
    on Sep 19th, 2011
    @ 12:46 PM

    Love the Bally movie. The moon boots where Bally?! I never would have guessed!… Never… But it’s always good to learn a new thing.

  2. ACL
    on Sep 19th, 2011
    @ 12:47 PM

    I was pretty surprised by the moon boots thing too, to be honest.

  3. Ray Hull
    on Sep 19th, 2011
    @ 4:15 PM

    Be sure to tour the ROOF of the American Apparel vid; very hot up there…

  4. FAME
    on Sep 20th, 2011
    @ 4:28 AM

    Wow! Had no idea of the vast history of Bally. Happy 160th anniversary to the Swiss bootmaker!

    on Sep 20th, 2011
    @ 5:42 AM

    They left out the most crucial 80′s period when Bally was a most have for all casuals, soul boys and preppy’s combined…….. in London at least, during that period Bally was almost untouchable like Louboutin is to most people today.

  6. Smith & Ratliff
    on Sep 22nd, 2011
    @ 9:37 AM

    Those watches are insane.

  7. JSQ
    on Sep 29th, 2011
    @ 2:41 PM

    Love the telemark ski boots best of all.

    @AFROSAXON, Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick were strong advocates of Bally in here in America during the same period.