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*A note on content. ACL doesn’t do pay for play. If you read about something on the site, it is because I think it is cool. Pure and simple. Sometimes I will talk about one of my clients if I think it is something readers will like. Don’t worry though, I will be sure to point out the relationship if that happens. I believe in standards and full disclosure.

*A note on comments. Feel free to comment and disagree with me. If you want to say nice things, that is cool too. There is no comment moderation on ACL (unless all you do is say negative shit), so that is one less thing you have to worry about. If you don’t use a proper email address (I won’t spam you and would never sell it), I will not approve your comment – even if you are saying nice things. Commenting under fake info is what my dad would call “chickenshit.” Not that my father has ever spent two seconds thinking about the internet.

*I reserve the right to delete a comment at any time for any reason. This is not to “lord over” the ACL commentary like an asshole, rather it is to keep things on topic and to generally weed-out the crazy people that pop-up from time to time.

*One more thing about comments. Don’t be annoying and place your link at the bottom of the comment – it is poor form. Use the supplied field, people know where it is and will click it if they are interested.