ACL x Bixby

I’m a dad so the 30 minutes of peace and quiet that I get to spend having coffee is basically as close as I get to a daily dose of sanity. Children are wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t leave you with much time to think and meditate on life. So coffee and wine are the two most crucial elements to my survival at this point in life.

Those who listen to Central Division knew this was coming, but I’m excited to share ACL COFFEE for the first time. This is 100% not a bullsh/t product or story. I partnered with my friends at Bixby Coffee to launch the company’s first single origin from Nicaragua. It’s delicious, balanced and very drinkable. I have been a Bixby customer for the past two years and we drink the coffee at home every day. My wife and I both agree on it and everyone I have recommended Bixby to ends up really loving the taste and quality.

What does a coffee brand mean to you on a basic level? Probably not a lot. The most important thing is that it taste good. My thought is that Bixby coffee tastes great and if people want to help me continue to tell stories than why not?

All of the ACL Coffee is roasted in Bixby’s facility in Los Angeles and shipped within days of being roasted so it’s really fresh. Also I can personally confirm that the Bixby guys are great people. I know them well and respect what they have built. I’ve been to the facility and seen the whole process hand. I’ve got a connection with them and believe in this completely — or I would never put my name on it. Hope you like it as much as we do. ACL COFFEE

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