• We are all going to be wearing facemasks for a while. So might as well get one that looks good. [Kamakura]
  • Is this the moment when people say enough with social media business as usual? [Your Undivided Attention]
  • Want something to do rather than bake bread? Indigo dye kits are pretty great. [Yamato Indigo][Pictured]
  • “Sunspel has been through two world wars. It has been through the Great Depression. Somehow we got through those. And we will get through this.” [How to Spend It]
  • David Coggins included me in this story about mustaches. I don’t even think a pandemic can reform the lowly mustache’s image. [Bloomberg]

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    Bob Davis on May 5, 2020 4:19 AM:

    keep it up!

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