One Year Later | The East Dane Anniversary Collection.

To celebrate its first birthday the menswear site East Dane has tapped a group of designers to create a 24-piece collection of exclusive clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. Which basically amounts to birthday gifts for you – the way things should be. As part of this anniversary collection you’ll find one-off items from stalwart UK brands like Grenson and Mackintosh right alongside the likes of AXS Folk Technology, Gitman Bros Vintage, Golden Bear, Patrik Ervell (which might be the coolest piece of this collection; pictured above) and more. It’s a capsule that encompasses a variety of different brands, from America, Japan, U.K., Italy and beyond into a single stylish expression. East Dane Fashion Director Jonathan Evans helped to steward this anniversary collection and helped to guide these collaborations into a stylish and approachable place – where East Dane resides so naturally. Evans actually says it best. “It’s just really cool stuff that guys can easily fit into their wardrobes.” And we’re on board with that.


The name East Dane is a nod to the company’s Madison, Wisconsin roots. More specifically it’s an amalgamation of the location of its HQ in the East Wash neighborhood and an homage to it’s home-base in Dane County. Over the past year the site’s presence and product offering has grown to represent an impressive collection of menswear in one place. Sprinkle in Amazon Prime capabilities (the site is the brother to Shopbop which is owned by Amazon) and life before East Dane will start to seem all-together unfamiliar. All of that in just one year? The future is bright my friends. [EAST DANE ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION]


Above the exclusive Gitman Vintage popover.




A one-off Mackintosh jacket in what I’m calling East Dane blue.





AXS Folk Technology gets crazy with the paint splattered pull-over.

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