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A good friend of mine, upon being questioned about the lack of color within his wardrobe, replied that he “wears lots of colors, they just all happen to be blue.” His answer, aside from being a prime example of a good ol’ dad joke, could also be an unofficial mantra for men’s style in 2014.

From Carolina to cobalt to cerulean and every shade in between the men’s clothing spectrum has officially been (dip) dyed blue, and no brand is relishing in this indigo obsession quite like the aptly named Blue Blue Japan. Not all of BBJ’s broad collection is blue, but their most intriguing pieces feature at least one, if not many shades of the color.

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It could be said that our current affinity toward blue stems from the raw denim revolution, which exposed us all to the potential of this singular color. Watching deep navies fade to lighter shades revealed the advantages of juxtaposing blues, in all of their varying degrees, next to each other. That Blue Blue Japan was established over twenty-two years ago is a testament to the brand’s indigo expertise. Like so many Japanese labels, their aesthetic has been heavily influenced by their country’s overwhelming interest in early American denim, but BBJ delves even further into the umbrella of “blue” with multi-colored designs that showcase both the intensity of darker hues and the ease of lighter ones.

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So many of the benefits of blue lie in how it wears, and Blue Blue Japan certainly has heavy indigo pieces that will fade beautifully overtime, but what really sets the Tokyo based brand apart is their proclivity for experimentation. Like mad menswear scientists, they will dye, stitch, fade, wear, patch, cut, sew, and really do just about anything to their garments to bring out just a little bit more of that incomparable blue character.

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Their overall assortment is a swirling array of shades that looks like it’s been stripped from Picasso during his “Blue Period.” While some might go as far as to classify what Blue Blue Japan is doing as art in and of itself, at the very least, they prove that my all-indigo-amigo might just have been onto something after all.

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    BlueTrain on July 21, 2014 12:16 PM:

    I used to have a suit that was brown. I thought it was a wonderful shade but when did you last see a brown suit? Or a khaki poplin suit? Or a tweed suit?

    Matthew Pike on July 21, 2014 3:20 PM:

    Nothing I don’t like about this, would really like to hear more about Blue Blue. I remember seeing their stuck stocked at Trunk in London.

    Jay on July 22, 2014 7:48 PM:

    @BlueTrain – RRL

    Tahaanga on July 23, 2014 11:11 AM:

    I’ve become a big fan of indigo. I think it’s such a versatile color. Great post, man!

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