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Topo Designs was founded in 2008, which would make them something like Woolrich’s great-great-great-great-grandson, but there’s no doubt that both brands are made of similar DNA. While they were started on opposite sides of the country in separate centuries, both Topo Designs and Woolrich have been integral to their respective epochs when it comes to guiding the look of functional outerwear. It’s for this reason that the Topo Designs x Woolrich collection feels less like something designed and more like something that just happened naturally.

In Topo’s Colorado factory, Woolrich’s buffalo checked plaids and pea coat weight wools have been converted into a collection that adds something new to the Topo roster, without detracting from the original spirit of either brand. These woodsy Woolrich patterns lend themselves perfectly to the clean look of Topo’s bags, pairing Topo’s innovative designs with Woolrich’s enduring aesthetic

The collection could be seen as a passing of the torch from one great outerwear brand to another, linking Woolrich’s heritage past with Topo’s techie future. -JG


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