Seek the Form.

This week I’m doing press appointments to show our new AW08 collections. Olch is showing ninety-four styles of ties this season, almost twice as many as last season. Out of those ninety-four, one bow tie has garnered the most attention from editors. It is made of a very soft Alpaca fabric and some are skeptical that it can even be tied. In one appointment I was even challenged to tie it – which inevitably brings up the discussion of learning to tie a bow tie. I learned the skill about five years ago by repeatedly tying the bow shape on my leg for practice. Once my hands had learned the motion, I switched to my neck. I wouldn’t say that method is the most effective, but it worked. There are a lot of guides out there teaching men the essential skill of tying a bow, most of which are crap. I did manage to find two informative and helpful videos on the subject for those still working to master the art of tying a proper bow tie.

Success! The Olch Alpaca bow tie.

Alexander Olch

Alexander Olch

Bow tie instructional videos.

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    Patrick on February 8, 2010 5:29 PM:

    I’m pretty certain that I need to own that bowtie. The trick is: how do I avoid paying $165? Hmm…

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