The NAVY-ism | Accessories

Number three of a five part series.

the_navy-ism.jpgMy obsession with the April issue of Free & Easy rolls on with the awesomeness that is the accessory still life pages. The nautical theme continues through the world of belts, Zippos, ID bracelets, padlocks, hats and shoes. The pages are a buyers guide to all things Navy and a road map to what to look for this May at Brimfield.

Below: Navy inspired goodness.


The market editors at Free & Easy must do a lot of eBay hunting.




Below: While I like the Submariner, I don’t know that it really fits the theme. Then again, who knows what the text is saying since I can’t read Japanese…


Comments on “The NAVY-ism | Accessories

    Tim Bryce on March 19, 2008 12:20 PM:

    Agreed re: Rolex. But, at least F&E didn’t go the panerai route… ! I think the Hamilton are nice. PS: love that “orthopaedic” shoes are in fashion!

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