Book Report | The Dangerous Book for Boys.

When I was young I loved to purge – not my lunch – but my toys and other belongings. I would stockpile everything in a closet and then on a Saturday it would hit me and I would have to get rid of all the non-essentials. Everyone has that friend that obsesses over recreating the nostalgia of their childhood – assembling every toy and trinket. I’m not one of those people. Every time I find a GI Joe or whatever from when I was a kid they just aren’t as good or as fun as I remember. The one exception are Boy Scout guide books. I have been buying the old volumes from the 60’s and 70’s on eBay and they take me back to the days of freezing my ass-off in the Klondike Derby in the middle of an Ohio winter.

Enter the newly published The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn & Hal Iggulden. The manual contains everything a boy (read: a grown man) needs to know about everything that is good. It is a must own for anyone trying to connect with their discarded devious childhood.

DBB Cover

It features all sorts of great information, everything from “A Brief History of Artillery” (shown below) to coin tricks, heroic stories and HOW-TOs…


*Also note that Wikipedia hilariously has book classified as an entry under “Sexism“.

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    Det. Donald Kimball on January 23, 2008 5:39 PM:

    An interesting book. You were probably in the Boy Scouts seeing as you are from Ohio. In NYC, private-school boys learn the ways of combat and hierarchy in the Knickerbocker Greys.

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