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ACL Appreciation: Kermit Lynch.

Apr 12th, 2012 | Categories: David Coggins, Uncategorized, Wine | by David Coggins

Kermit Lynch is not a name you forget—so it’s good that the man lives up to his moniker. Mr. Lynch imports wine, which sounds like something that’s easy. But it’s only easy for those who do it badly. For those, like dear Mr. Lynch, who do it well it involves trips, over decades, to dank caves and cellars (mostly in France) to taste wine directly from the barrel, and deciding if they’re going to be good over the course of their bottled life. Like many of the most important things, it’s a talent that can’t be taught.

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant is an establishment of good repute in Berkeley. Lynch leaves nothing to chance—he imports his wine in climate-controlled containers, and insists that stores around the country receive them in the same. No heat casualties, no excuses.