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Dept of Fallen Icons: Corporate Takeover Division.

Jan 11th, 2010 | Categories: TV, Unsolicited Thoughts | by David Coggins

R Tenenbaum

Here’s an unlikely equation for an icon: Publicly crash out of professional tennis, fall in love with your (adopted) sister, move into a tent in your childhood home, and ensconce yourself in a camel hair coat. That, of course, is a description of Richie Tenenbaum. At a distance of nearly a decade—yes it’s been that long—Richie is seared into our memory, at once recognizable and esteemed.

Richie retains his decency even in the face of one of the classic paternal putdowns: ‘Why’d you choke out there that day, Baumer?’ Our sympathy to Richie extends to Luke Wilson, whose portrait is understated and affecting.

Unsolicited Thoughts | Champions League

May 20th, 2009 | Categories: David Coggins, Sports, Unsolicited Thoughts | by Michael Williams

Unsolicited thoughts is a recurring column of assorted musings from ACL’s most cultured friend Mr. David Coggins.

May is a fine time in the sporting world unless you support a team that plays in Madison Square Garden. The mediocrity of regular season basketball gives way to the intense playoff march, and hockey players grow their post-season beards while pursuing the Stanley Cup. In baseball parks, on the other hand, it’s too early for true believers to abandon improbable dreams of October success. If you’ve still got room in your life for more sporting distraction—and you do—consider another definitive contest: the UEFA Champions League.

Wayne Rooney

Unsolicited Thoughts | Black Tie

Jan 19th, 2009 | Categories: Style, Unsolicited Thoughts | by Michael Williams

Unsolicited thoughts is a recurring column on the standards of men’s clothing by ACL’s friend and adherent rule follower Mr. David Coggins.

Dear Sir,

Approaching Inauguration here are a few thoughts on the tuxedo.

A tuxedo is the pinnacle of formality, it exemplifies class and style. It hasn’t been improved upon over time because it cannot be improved upon. That’s to say: regardless of your everyday sartorial prerogatives you should own one and own it proudly. If that idea scandalizes you, then consider withdrawing from civilization.

Sinatra arriving to the Inaugural ball, January 20, 1961.