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The eBay Find | WWII U.S. Navy Deck Jacket

Jun 25th, 2009 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

Having been accused of altering the eBay landscape for the worse, I have taken a strict “after the close” stance on posting these sorts of things. The below gem of a jacket was sent in by an ACL reader (thanks to Jeremy for the tip) with a keen eye for U.S. Navy vintage. The fun started off at $600 and came to a close at a solid $1,109.89. Early in the auction I fired off an email with the link to the master of such material matters, Mister Freedom, who quickly responded with “I love how the late owner tried to mask up the ‘Tom Cat’ in the back! I’m thinking end price around $1200.00?…mmm?…We’ll see.” It looks like school is out. 

WWII Era U.S. Navy Deck Jacket


The eBay Find | WWII Vintage Goods

Mar 13th, 2009 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

Oh man, file this under smokin’! U.S. Army issue WWII era treasures. I couldn’t wait for these auctions to end before I posted, so the eBay shop Sergeant Tickles (actual name!) will reap the benefits. Not only does Mr. Tickles have excellent goods for sale, the photos are fantastic. Here’s to you vintage military collector man. (Many thanks to Nigel for the tip)


The eBay Find | Vintage Tea & Picnic Set

Feb 26th, 2009 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

Another great find, this time from eBay UK. I waited until this auction ended before I posted, as to not to disturb the free market at work. Behold a beautiful English tea / picnic set. I envision Monty carrying this throughout his campaign through Europe, although this may not be old enough. The folks at Hogspear point out that it is perfect for a road trip or car rally. Couldn’t agree more. More photos after the jump.


The eBay Find | 1960's LL Bean Sailing Jacket

Feb 17th, 2009 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

The quest to find vintage bean, Woolrich, Filson and other good American vintage took a positive swing last week upon the discovery of one particular eBay seller. One specific item —this LL Bean sailing jacket — was particularly notable. The color and the cork drawstring cord-pulls make it a must own. (Thanks to James for the tip)




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The eBay Find | Take Ivy

Nov 7th, 2008 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

A copy of Take Ivy has surfaced on eBay. Now is your chance to get the much loved book, but it will cost you five bills, only $4 to ship though. Such a deal.

Take Ivy on eBay

The eBay Find | U.S. Navy WWII Steamer Trunk

Oct 18th, 2008 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

It’s not everyday that I see something on eBay that makes me throw all rational thought out the door, but yesterday was one of those days. Occasionally, Andy from Reference Library will email me with a cool eBay discovery (he is the master of finding cool things on eBay if you haven’t noticed) and the most recent email was a whopper. Andy found a fully stocked WWII U.S. Navy officer’s steamer trunk, complete with multiple uniforms, buttons, sunglasses, U.S. Navy belt buckle, ID bracelet, signal cards and documents including the sailor’s honorable discharge papers. Amazing! Bidding starts at $99 and the auction is still live so you still have a chance to own a piece of history.