That Spring Look | A Continuous Lean.

That Spring Look | No Obsolescence

Mar 10th, 2014 | Categories: That Spring Look | by Michael Williams

Normcore IV

If you ask me, this would be my take on Normcore. If you haven’t heard of Normcore (it’s a supposed trend where people wear 1990s basic clothes to attempt to appear plain or normal — at a time when so many are attempting to set themselves apart as individuals). It’s conformity packaged as non-conformity wrapped up in bike shorts and goofy relics from Seinfeld. While all that seems interesting for a minute, I’m slightly more interested in looking good for the longer terms. At the heart of my approach to long lasting stylishness is the  concept of buying (and wearing) clothes with no obsolesce. The only exception in this rig here is potentially that Leica, since it is digital. This look is more about the virtues of long lasting icons and the simplicity of having a “uniform.” I don’t need a trend or a desire to be noticed to dictate how I dress myself. I dress more for the the idea that I want to be able to look back at my style thirty years from now and be as relevant then as I would be now. That’s it, pure and simple.

Some would look at this and think it is beyond “basic” to the point of being boring, to me it hits just the right note. All of these items individually look inconspicuous, but each is a wonderful example of the power which sits at the intersection of understated and refined. This look reminds me of something my friend Arnaud in Paris would wear. It wouldn’t be these pieces exactly, but this vibe for sure. Every time I see him he’s wearing a basic white shirt, clean classic sneakers and other simple items that round it all out. Sometimes the sneakers are swapped out for dress shoes, occasionally there’s a cashmere sweater in the mix and other times he’s wearing a simple pair of raw denim jeans. This look may seem haphazard, but it’s choreographed perfectly and expertly selected. And just like Normcore, dressing like this is all about hiding in plain sight.

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That Spring Look | Wrapped up in Blue

Apr 27th, 2012 | Categories: That Spring Look | by Michael Williams

It’s been almost a year to the date since I have done one of these “looks,” and looking back, it seems these days I’m in a totally different head space. These posts, for whatever reason, take me forever to put together, but they are always rewarding at the end. This particular rig is probably the most conservative, and likely most expensive of any I have done thus far. The costliness of the arrangement is solely representative of the fact that, at a certain point, I came to the realization that it’s a lot more fun to dream up outfits that consist of really nicely made and expensive things. That’s it — so please tread lightly friends.

Mix and match as you wish. Take inspiration if you find it. Breakdown after the jump.

That Spring Look | Black & Silver

Apr 3rd, 2011 | Categories: That Spring Look | by Michael Williams

We’re feeling colorful this spring, if you consider silver a color. Every so often we want to hit the reset button and wear all black for days. Maybe it is a New York thing or maybe we’re mourning LCD Soundsystem or feeling dark after seeing The Strokes. Then again, it could just be that we’re channeling Johnny Cash. Either way, this look will never not work. Mix and match as you wish. Take inspiration if you find it. Breakdown after the jump.