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Get Into Polo Ralph Lauren’s Modern Fall Look.

Aug 19th, 2015 | Categories: Sponsored Post, Style, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

Polo Ralph Lauren

This fall Polo Ralph Lauren is launching an entirely new and altogether fresh take on menswear at In the spirit of our That Autumn Look style series, this new Polo collection serves as the perfect inspiration for the fall dressing that will be upon us in the not so distant future. The recently launched Polo Ralph Lauren collection at Bloomingdales presents a perfectly distilled presentation that captures the many distinct and intriguing style archetypes of the modern man in one streamlined online experience.

When it comes to dressing for the seasons, nothing is better than layered fall style. Pairing a cool shearling with a chunky cable knit sweater and fine leather bag can make for the ultimate modern fall look that so many of us covet. And don’t overlook Polo’s great collection of smart tailored clothing for work which effortlessly elevates menswear staples like the blue blazer, the knit tie and classic grey flannel trousers to new heights. There’s also the iconic Ralph Lauren look of moto jeans and a tweed jacket for a night out. It all comes together to form a forward and somewhat unexpected new direction which somehow simultaneously feels right in line with the Ralph Lauren aesthetic. All of this making me think that this new online shop could be the key to the ultimate fall style.



That Autumn Look | Bullet Proof

Oct 1st, 2009 | Categories: England, IWC, London, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

You wear a suit in New York and a lot of people will ask you for directions. People trust a man wearing a suit, it is just one of those things. In previous jobs I would wear a suit regularly and it was a matter of choice not necessity. I’m not an attorney in the court room and I don’t manage anyone’s money. And trust me, wearing a suit is much more fun that way. As time went on my interest in workwear waxed and my interest in clothes waned. As fall rears its head (more and more by the day here in New York), my thoughts shift back to suits and trench coats. The below is my interpretation of what I would be wearing if I was cast as the lead of Get Carter, something bullet proof to bang around London in. A mix of amazing English goods and updated American classics. Throw in an IWC for good luck and we are on our way. The only question is, what car to pair with this look? Well, I’ll leave that for you to discuss in the comments. Maybe something sporty?


That Autumn Look | Turning Japanese

Sep 21st, 2009 | Categories: Japan, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

The only thing better than the things you can have, are always the things you can’t. I stick to my belief that menswear in Japan is leaps and bounds ahead of what we get here in the States. Of course, maybe that is just because I’m here and Japan is, well, there. Everything in the below was basically created by the Americans or the British, but more than anything I see this as a purely Japanese look. Of course, maybe it is just me. Take the spirit of this and translate, coagulate and/or appreciate it as inspiration from our friends in the East.


That Autumn Look | Out and About

Sep 16th, 2009 | Categories: That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

The series “That Autumn Look” probably generates more reader email than anything I have ever done on this site. The looks are a lot of fun to put together, but the process can be tedious. I’m not one to be excited for spring and summer dressing, so I’m happy to keep my still life looks to the autumn variety. The first installment for 2009 is inspired by my adventures (read: meetings and appointments) in and around the city. Here’s to crisp days with soft jersey zip-ups, chambray, leather boots and a good helping of waxed canvas.


That Autumn Look | Part Four

Sep 26th, 2008 | Categories: Men's wear, Style, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

Anyone that visits this site on a fairly regular basis knows that I am a major advocate of workwear style. Like many people growing up in the Midwest, but living in New York City, I have a nostalgic connection to the fabrics and brands of blue collar America. That said, being a “marketing professional” (read: yuppie), do I really want to walk out of the house dressed head-to-toe in a laborers outfit? Not so much. The union ironworkers that are building the skyscraper around the corner from my apartment might conscript me into making a trip to the deli (with a box) to get everyone on the job site egg sandwiches.

Workwear items are meant to be mixed and matched, creating a more modern look. Pictured below are classic and utilitarian items that pair well with more fashion forward brands like Robert Geller, Obedient Sons, Rag & Bone, Steven Alan, Nicholas K and many others. On its own, this look might work for a Saturday shopping excursion or a trip to the flea market but not for a meeting or a date, unless she is really into the rugged type.

The Working Man

That Autumn Look | Part Three

Sep 24th, 2008 | Categories: Style, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

The lazy Sunday brunch is a celebrated ritual in New York City. Wear a chunky knit cardigan, comfortable pants and your bean boots. Don’t forget The New York Times and friends to unwind with over Bloody Marys. I love to build an outfit around a pair of boots or a puffy coat and then head to Bubby’s or the Spotted Pig for carb-loaded pre-football rations. For inspiration, my ideal Sunday brunch attire is pictured as That Autumn Look part three.

Sunday Brunch

That Autumn Look | Part Two

Sep 18th, 2008 | Categories: IWC, Style, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

Judging from the response and comments on That Autumn Look Part One, I would say people liked the concept. The second in the series draws inspiration from a business man on a rain soaked fall day. There is a conscious mix of English and American styles. The venerable Mackintosh outerwear is paired with the younger, more design focused Norwegian umbrella and galoshes from Swims. The leather bag and shoes add a subtle dose of color to the otherwise neutral tone. The complete list of products included can be found after the jump.

Rainy Day Business Man