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The Shoes of Summer | Jack Purcell

Jul 9th, 2012 | Categories: Footwear, Shoes of Summer | by Michael Williams

Canvas sneakers are a way of life. An attitude. For me, they are a refuge from the heat and stress of a summertime city. The classic Jack Purcell are available these days in many variations, two of which are acknowledged by ACL as acceptable: white and navy blue canvas with laces. The classics, pure and simple. I don’t need the slip-on laceless variety. I don’t need crazy colors. I don’t need work boot laces. Less is truly more.

This past week saw us on an adventure in Maine with a brand new pair of Jack Purcells on hand for all of the Gosling’s soaked excitement — It was high tide for summertime. Being near the sea and doing the things you did as a child make you appreciate when things don’t change. It’s amazing when a pair of canvas sneakers can do the exact same thing and take you back. Like I said, they are a way of life…