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Get In the Van(s).

Jul 10th, 2014 | Categories: California, Jake Gallagher, Shoes, Shoes of Summer | by Jake Gallagher


“Man, I need Vans.”

From an Anaheim, California warehouse in 1966 Paul Van Doren churned out the first pair of Vans. They were basic canvas creations, outfitted with a diamond patterned sole and compact rows of laces, but before long those rubber sneakers would send southern California, and eventually the rest of the world into a frenzy.

Today, you can still walk into really any shoe store in the world and pick up a pair of Vans that looks almost identical to the pair that Van Doren produced back in the late sixties. While their contemporary models are now made abroad (come on guys, where’s the Made in the USA Vans collection we’ve all been waiting for) they do still retain that laid-back, easy wearing vibe that made them so damn popular nearly a half century ago. What’s best about Vans is that their irresistible simplicity has made them an ideal platform for countless obscure patterns, collaborations, and revamps. We’ve rounded out ten of our favorite Vans from the past year or so to add some rubber to your summertime shoe rotation.

An Ode to Beat Up White Bucks.

Jun 30th, 2014 | Categories: ACL Endorses, Jake Gallagher, Shoes, Shoes of Summer | by Jake Gallagher


White bucks are the blank canvas of menswear. Each year, as the temperature rises, they reemerge like red soled birds flying south for the season, primed in a flat white coat that will be marked up, dinged out, and just plain dirty come Fall. There’s something unnatural about a pristine white buck – it’s too clean, too pristine, not worn in enough. On the other hand a beat-up buck proves that you’ve been living, and living well. Each pockmark and spot on a pair of bucks is earned and from that first time you nick up a fresh pair of bucks, you’ll be recording a seasons worth of wear and tear. As designer, and legendary buck wearer (seriously he’s been wearing them for over forty years straight) JP Williams puts it “they take on your personality.” So, here’s to a season of worth of grass stains and spilled cocktails, because a beat up buck is just a better buck.

The Shoes of Summer | Jack Purcell

Jul 9th, 2012 | Categories: Footwear, Shoes of Summer | by Michael Williams

Canvas sneakers are a way of life. An attitude. For me, they are a refuge from the heat and stress of a summertime city. The classic Jack Purcell are available these days in many variations, two of which are acknowledged by ACL as acceptable: white and navy blue canvas with laces. The classics, pure and simple. I don’t need the slip-on laceless variety. I don’t need crazy colors. I don’t need work boot laces. Less is truly more.

This past week saw us on an adventure in Maine with a brand new pair of Jack Purcells on hand for all of the Gosling’s soaked excitement — It was high tide for summertime. Being near the sea and doing the things you did as a child make you appreciate when things don’t change. It’s amazing when a pair of canvas sneakers can do the exact same thing and take you back. Like I said, they are a way of life…