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ACL Maps | LA Drinking & Dining

Apr 10th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Service | by Michael Williams

The Maps & Intel page has been updated again, this time with Los Angeles bars and restaurants. This map is a whopper, the most comprehensive to date. The gastro-guide is a partnership with the excellent Kitsune Noir who contributed (along with his best friend Max; thank you Max) heavily to this. Happy dining!

ACL Maps | Los Angeles Shopping

Mar 19th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Service | by Michael Williams

I recently updated the Maps & Intel page with a handy guide to Los Angeles shopping. While the New York map has been on the site for a while, its LA centered counterpart has been long overdue. LA is one of my favorite places to shop and this map is a good starting point for anyone interested in doing their thing, materialistically. Please do send on suggestions and additions, this is only the beginning. Also, many thanks to Meagan for doing a lot of the legwork on the map. LA drinking and dining to follow.

Los Angeles Shopping Map (Men’s):

Alexander Olch | How to Tie a Bow Tie

Jan 13th, 2009 | Categories: Service, Style, Video | by Michael Williams

This could be the definitive source for how to tie a bow tie. Complex tapped men’s accessories designer, film maker and Paul + Williams’ client Alexander Olch to preach the bow tie instructional gospel.

Click the image to watch the video.

Grenson Jargon Buster

Jan 9th, 2009 | Categories: Footwear, Service | by Michael Williams

Speaking of shoes, the folks at the storied English maker Grenson have a very handy guide to footwear terminology. So next time you are out shoe shopping you can drop some knowledge on the sales clerk and earn the respect you deserve.

Layout 1

It should also be pointed out that the real inventor of the Goodyear Welt was Christian Dancel. Charles Goodyear (heir to the Goodyear tire fortune) mearly bought the rights to Dancel’s machine, which is how the term Goodyear Welt came to be.

The American List

Nov 17th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Housekeeping, Service | by Michael Williams

If you haven’t noticed already, there is a new addition to the header called The American List. The idea of making a collective listing of American made products came to me as I was searching the internets for previously undiscovered brands that produce goods domestically. I found that the Made in the USA lists that are out there are generally pretty crappy and inevitably unstylish. So there you have it, a list of American-made yet fashionable things is born.

The American List

Gift Guidance

Nov 14th, 2008 | Categories: Random, Service | by Michael Williams

The lovely Joanna Goddard from Glamour’s Smitten blog asked me to put together a guy-orientated gift guide for her readers (for the ladies). You can see the full feature here.

Mother and I at the Roc Center Christmas tree.

Introducing ACL Maps.

Mar 26th, 2008 | Categories: Men's Stores, New York City, Service, Technology | by Michael Williams

I put together two Google Maps for the ACL faithful. One is a men’s shopping guide, and the other is a reference to where to drink and dine in the city. The restaurant/bar map is an adaptation of a friend’s very well made map of the same subject. I owe many of the well researched listings to him. The maps will live in the aptly named “Maps” section of the sidebar on the right. Your suggestions for additions are much encouraged and appreciated.

[Shopping Map]

[Where to drink and dine in NYC]