Pitti Uomo 84 | A Continuous Lean.

Short Sleeved | Gitman Bros. Vintage SS14

Jun 20th, 2013 | Categories: Made in the USA, Menswear, Pitti Uomo 84 | by Michael Williams


Every season at Pitti the guys from Gitman Bros Vintage do a little something playful, this year that meant making every sample in a short sleeve button-down, nearly all of them in crazy colored prints. I attribute all of this quirkiness to Gitman’s Minnesota bred leader Chris Olberding.

When I say “leader”, I mean to say that Chris is part designer and sales guy, part PR man and production manager. Along with his lone deputy, he’s basically a one man show. Some of you might remember him from one of the Pop Up Flea, where he would be hawking his Pennsylvania made wovens with much enthusiasm. That type of energy is his modus operandi. Anyone at one of the many European or North American tradeshows would agree, as would the staff of Gilli I’m guessing.