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Tanner Goods | Onward Into The Outdoors

Sep 18th, 2014 | Categories: Accessories, Bags, Jake Gallagher, Made in the USA, Menswear, Oregon, Portland | by Jake Gallagher


Like a menswear Mystery Machine, the Tanner Goods’ Dodge A-100 has become a staple of Portland, Oregon. Cruise through Downtown and you’re bound to come across the forty-eight year old matte white box van in between a Tanner Good’s road trip. As a brand, Tanner Goods has come to embody the dichotomy of modern day Portland – with the lush Pacific Northwest wilderness on one side and the crisp air of modernist design on the other.



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Parked | Foster Puts Down Roots…Sort Of.

Aug 27th, 2014 | Categories: Adventure, Al James, Americana, Oregon | by Al James


After a few non-stop years on the road searching for clean breaks and untouched powder A Restless Transplant photographer and adventurer (and friend of ACL) Foster Huntington finally hit the brakes. The Spring of this year saw his second photo book published – Home Is Where You Park It -  and the summer brought him home to his family property in the Columbia River Gorge where he has begun constructing a life-long dream.

He and his group of friends have gathered on top of a long-dormant cinder cone in Skamania County, Washington to build a three-platformed treehouse connected by suspension bridges forty feet up in the air and a skatepark formed and poured into the top of the hillside. There’s a real community that has developed at the Cinder Cone – friends from around the country are camping for weeks, months at a time, sleeping in their trucks and in tents, pitching in to help realize Foster’s vision – an idea he’s had since he was a young boy growing up on the property. While a cynic might see a Tom Sawyer who has rallied his pals to help white wash a fence, something much bigger, much more substantial is happening.



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An Ace Radar Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Sep 28th, 2012 | Categories: Made in the USA, Oregon, Shelter | by Michael Williams

The things that Schoolhouse Electric Co. turn out always interest me one way or another, and this wall light the Portland-based manufacturer is no exception. Created in collaboration with their crosstown friends at the ACE Hotel, the new Schoolhouse Electric Co. Radar Sconce comes in six color options and was developed from a light from an old 1970s parts washer.

More from Schoolhouse Electric:

Our new Radar Sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. Utilitarian simplicity. We loved it. So did Ace Hotel Portland. Teaming up again after a 2007 collaboration, Schoolhouse and Ace developed a versatile and elegant industrial lamp to be used bedside in the hotel’s rooms and bar side in the new Ace basement bar.

When sourcing parts, we stumbled upon a 1970s stamped electrical box from one of our East Coast vendors that had the vintage tooling but hadn’t used in decades. We crushed hard on all the stamped details, including a cross, risk-of-fire warning, and wattage rating on the canopy box face. Functional communication incorporated into the design is what makes many vintage designs so rad. The message wasn’t hidden; it was part of the design, adding texture and character.

Earnest Carryalls from Portland’s Good Flock

Nov 25th, 2011 | Categories: Bags, Made in the USA, Oregon | by Michael Williams

A little over a year ago I stumbled upon The Good Flock from Portland, Oregon and picked up one of their wool iPad cases. I still use that case nearly every day, it even works with my iPad2 and smart cover all together. I toss them in a bag, am on my way and don’t have to worry about it. In the past year the product line has grown and The Good Flock now offer additional items like leather goods, bags and a more complete line up of technology cases. I love the wool stuff and my iPad case always gets lots of love from people, but the waxed canvas bags are, in my opinion, really something special.

The Tokyo Bag (above) is far and way my favorite. On the surface it is a standard waxed canvas tote (of which we have seen many similar variants before), but when you drill down further you start to get a better idea of the functionality that is built into its design. The carryall has a total of eight pockets (four on the exterior, four on the interior) which come in amazingly handy. If you want to drop your keys, phone, cell phone and sunglasses all in their own compartment it’s a maneuver orchestrated with ease. I don’t ever want my keys and phone in the same pocket (because of the potential for scratches) and same goes for my glasses, which makes me appreciate the pockets on the Tokyo Bag. It’s a simple concept but one that I got into immediately after using the bag.

Levi’s Workwear by Filson | The Oregon Fire Lines

Aug 17th, 2010 | Categories: Americana, Collaborations, Made in the USA, Oregon | by Michael Williams

The folks at Levi Strauss & Co. teamed up with Filson to release a small capsule collection of collaboration workwear. It’s an intriguing project on a few levels; one being that both companies are storied and rugged American brands. The other lies in the fact that Filson doesn’t just collaborate with anyone. To go along with the co-branded goods (which I think have been very well thought out), Levi’s tapped Vice to make a short film about the people from the Grayback Forestry Company in Medford, Oregon, who battle Forest fires for a living. It is my feeling that the documentary adds an interesting dimension to an already appealing project. Expect a few more interesting collaborations from the LS&CO in the coming months.

Further reading: Levi’s x Filson at A Conversation on Cool and The U.S. Forest Service on ACL