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Obsession | Coleman

Dec 15th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Obsessions | by Michael Williams

Personally, when it comes to camping I am more interested in the gear than the outdoors. I remember going on trips as a kid and seeing my dad make breakfast on our (his) Coleman grill. It was a memorable moment because the green-metal grill is such a cool piece of machinery, and well, because Dad doesn’t make breakfast too often. Kansas based Coleman has been turning out all sorts of iconic American products (like grills, lanterns and coolers) since 1901. Some of my most-liked Coleman products after the jump.

Powerhouse Deluxe Stove


Obsession | Ford Bronco II

Nov 20th, 2008 | Categories: Cars, Obsessions | by Michael Williams

Seeing how The Big Three have been in Washington — hat in hand begging for a bailout — what could be a better time to highlight the golden era of American automobile manufacturing, the 1980s. I imagine my affection for the Ford Bronco II is not something I share with many of you readers. I see the truck as a quintessential piece of my Midwestern upbringing, a purely nostalgic exercise. A fetish of sorts. Eventually when I have a massive garage and a collection of cars, the Bronco II will be right there next to my Land Rover Defender, BMW 2002, a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 and my 1995 Chevrolet Impala. Its an odd bunch that is for sure.

The Bronco II was a smaller version of the Bronco based on the Ranger truck line. The small SUVs were produced from 1984 to 1990. More photos after the jump.


Obsession | Tiny Houses

Nov 12th, 2008 | Categories: Obsessions | by Michael Williams

As a resident of New York City I have been planning my escape from the urban jungle since about day two. Most of my day dreaming has centered on moving upstate or to Maine, at least somewhere rural. Enter the California based Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which is a maker of, you guessed it, miniature homes. On the Tumbleweed website, founder Jay Shafer explains the idea of taking residence in a tiny home. “My decision to inhabit just 89 square feet arose from some concerns I had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because I do not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space. My houses have met all of my domestic needs without demanding much in return. The simple, slower lifestyle my homes have afforded is a luxury for which I am continually grateful.” Sign me up. The little houses may be pricey as built by Tumbleweed, but you can always buy the plans and have your house built by the contractor of your choice.


Obsession | The Selby

Jul 22nd, 2008 | Categories: Obsessions | by Michael Williams

A friend tipped me off to a newish website — a beautifully directed hybrid of style and shelter — called The Selby. The man behind the site, Mr. Todd Selby, selects stylish subjects to creatively document in their environment. The result, Domino meets W, is pure genius. Some of my favorite images below.

Mr. Sam Buffa of Freemans Sporting Club fame.

Obsession | Oobect

Jul 10th, 2008 | Categories: Obsessions | by Michael Williams

Ever since I decided to get in on the ffffound / NOTCOT game with The Material Review, I have been obsessed with all of the quirky instant-gratification websites that are floating around out there.

Then recently I discovered Oobject and life hasn’t been the same since. Literally, hours have been wasted browsing lists of cool objects. Design, vintage, tech and everything else you can imagine. A treasure of useless images and information. I love it.

Below are just some of the amazing groups of objects on the site.

Classic Sony designs

Obsession | Perot Charts

Jul 1st, 2008 | Categories: Obsessions, Random | by Michael Williams

There are certain things that I post on A Continuous Lean that I know many people aren’t really going to be interested in. File this Obsession under that premise.

One time presidential candidate and patriotic American Ross Perot recently launched an entire website dedicated to “charting government fiscal irresponsibility.” Incredible! I have literally combed through every inch of the site and can’t get enough. Perot is right on the money (bad pun, sorry) with a lot of this stuff. The bad news is, these charts would be much more enlightening to many Americans if there were a little more common sense floating around.

Obsession | Bullet Pencils

Jun 23rd, 2008 | Categories: Obsessions | by Michael Williams

I develop strange obsessions with things — case in point the Bullet Pencil. I always comb the flea market and am usually able to snag one for a buck. There are a few for sale on eBay but they are all over priced and I hate getting gouged on the shipping. The good fellas at Draplin Design Co. (who incidentally are one half of the team behind the phenomenal Field Notes) like them too. Next time you are at the flea, dig through that random box of pencils and you might find one of these little treasures. Also, if anyone knows a vendor that is still selling new Bullet Pencils please speak up. They would be great ACL merchandising.