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Is There a Bookie in the House?

Jan 26th, 2009 | Categories: Made in the USA, News | by Michael Williams

What are the odds that the next American President will be inaugurated in an American made suit? As I’m sure you have heard, Mr. Obama’s suit maker, Hartmarx Corp., and it’s subsidiaries filed for Chapter 11 protection this past week. So that leaves, Southwick (which is now owned by Brooks Brothers, who is owned by the Italians), Oxxford, Rocco Ciccarelli, Martin Greenfield and a few others. Hopefully Hartmarx, Hickey Freeman (and our beloved Hickey) will be able to reorganize and pull things back together. Or as WWD reported, maybe Spencer Hays, who owns Oxxford Clothing, will acquire the ailing company. I would hate to see Rochester end up like Wilmington, Ohio.