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Mister Mort Trend Report | Anatomica Paris

Oct 26th, 2009 | Categories: Footwear, Mister Mort Trend Report, Paris | by Michael Williams


ACL dispatched Mister Mort to Paris to report on Anatomica, one of the city’s best men’s shops. Actually Mort was not dispatched, he went under the guise of a holiday, but we all know he just went to hit the flea markets and take street style photos. Anatomica is nestled on a quiet street right off of the famed Rue de Rivoli and sells an eclectic selection of French, Japanese and American goods, including goods under its own label.

Mister Mort Goes to San Francisco’s Cable Car Clothiers

Aug 31st, 2009 | Categories: Mister Mort Trend Report | by Michael Williams

ACL’s chief trend correspondent Mister Mort, spent the afternoon in San Francisco’s Cable Car Clothiers checking out the goods and getting some gentleman street style. As per usual, Mordechai is all about the details. Check out his photos and thoughts below. More at MisterMort.com


Mister Mort Trend Report | Tasseled Loafers

Jul 15th, 2009 | Categories: Footwear, Mister Mort Trend Report | by Michael Williams

ACL’s chief trend correspondent Mr. Mordechai Rubinstein runs wild on the streets of Manhattan bringing the business.

Mort is back with photos of tasseled, kiltie and Belgian loafers. There is a interesting article from The New York Times discussing the history of the American tasseled loafer from 1993 which I excerpted below.


“Tasseled loafers so much evoke the elegant era of the 20′s that some clothing historians mistakenly believe they date from that time. They became popular, in fact, only in the post-World War II era.

The Alden Shoe Company in Middleborough, Mass., claims to have invented the shoe after World War II at the request of Paul Lukas, who was a well-known and debonair actor. Mr. Lukas, who appeared in films like “The Lady Vanishes” and “Watch on the Rhine,” asked custom shoemakers in New York and Los Angeles to devise a version of a shoe he had brought from Europe that had little fringed tassels on the ends of the laces.

Mister Mort Trend Report | Rolled Up Trousers

Jun 3rd, 2009 | Categories: Mister Mort Trend Report, Style | by Michael Williams

If you live in New York, you had better watch out. Blogger and man about town Mr. Mordechai Rubinstein has signed on as ACL’s chief trend correspondent, shit, he’s the chief correspondent period. His first report is something that has been on the radar for some time, but the practice of rolling up one’s trousers is still going strong with the fashion crowd. Mister Mort’s quirky sensibilities and great eye capture the style out in the wild. Note the first gent pictured, that’s Men.Style.com’s Josh Peskowitz — who’s desk was profiled way back when. Mister Mort’s trend report after the jump.