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A Visit to the Mohawk General Store

Oct 18th, 2010 | Categories: California, Los Angeles, Menswear, Mid-Century Modern, Shopping | by Michael Williams

After my trip to the Rose Bowl flea I headed over to check out the recently relocated Mohawk General Store on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake. The shop is owned by Kevin Carney (who is also co-founder of Generic Man) and his wife Bo. The menswear and vintage stereos are Kevin’s responsibility the ladies clothing is handled by Bo and the furniture is courtesy of Amsterdam Modern. Mohawk creates a unique mix of European mid-century modern furniture and a strong selection of good menswear from brands like Post Overalls, Engineered Garments, Tellason, Baxter of California, Tanner Goods, Our Legacy, Eastland Shoe, Earnest Alexander, The Hill-Side, Gitman Bros. Vintage, Yuketen, Moscot and of course The Generic Man. I really wanted to buy a set of Dutch stacking chairs that are set up near the entrance, but I erred on the side of owning less chairs. Especially since I have been so successful on Craigslist recently. If you are in LA, check out Mohawk’s new space and maybe pick up some Dutch stacking school chairs or a pair of jeans; whatever you may need or want. [Mohawk General Store]

Mad Man | Michael Kors.

Feb 7th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Fashion Week, Luxury, Mad Men, Mid-Century Modern, Style, Suiting, TV | by Michael Williams

I hate fashion trend stories. I hate runway photos for the most part too. I just don’t get much out of them generally. Over the past few years I have had a fixation with “The Ivy League Look” of boxy Sack suits and skinny ties. One of the first posts on A.C.L. was about the TV show Mad Men and my obsession with the style of the era. That being said, I have never really been too interested in Michael Kors. This season is different. For Autumn Winter 2008, Michael sent a bunch of guys dressed like Donald Draper and Roger Sterling down the runway and I loved it. The collection was The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. While I was looking at the runway photos, I found a trend and did a trend story. I never thought I would see the day when the dusty old Sack suit crowd would be influencing designers like Michael Kors. The question is, will his fall advertising campaign carry the inspiration further? Will he feature models stepping out of a 1961 Lincoln Continental instead of the usual private jet? Only time will tell…

For complete coverage of the Michael Kors here.


Photos via Men.Style.com

Free & Easy | Mid-Century American Office Design via Japan.

Jan 25th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Brooklyn, Design, Mid-Century Modern | by Michael Williams

Until recently I was not much of a fan of Mid-Century Modern design. The irony of my newfound-interest in throwback American office furniture is the source – a Japanese magazine called Free & Easy. The book is essentially a How-To guide to live like a preppy American guy. They go so far as to break down every material thing you would need to live “the lifestyle”. Watches, umbrellas, cars, suits, accessories and even dogs! All of it is distinctly East Coast preppy Americana. The Japanese have become in many ways, the holder of the key to many parts of the classic 21st century American lifestyle. Case in point, this Japanese blog devoted to Dazor and other vintage lighting. I see the trend mostly as a positive, the Japanese have become a sort of library of classic American brands and traditions. More on that later.

Free & Easy Cover