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Kicks for a King.

Mar 23rd, 2015 | Categories: Accessories, Menswear, Shoes | by ACL Editors


It’s said that you can judge a man by his shoes but this goes doubly true for his slippers. In public you’re dignified, distinguished, or at the very least not disheveled. A man’s home is his castle though, and you should look the part. This means dressing like a king. A very comfortable king. Many men these days unfortunately forgo them altogether, but we still believe that slippers are a crucial component of any at home outfit. The power of the slipper lies not in its comfort (it goes without saying that a good pair of slippers should feel like you’re stepping into a cloud) but in the message they send to visitors – You’re in shoes, I’m in slippers, I’m in charge here. So here now are our favorite slippers fit for a king, even if your kingdom is little more than a shoebox studio apartment.

Not Just for Slobs Anymore.

Mar 18th, 2015 | Categories: Menswear | by ACL Editors


What a long, strange trip it has been for the world’s most polarizing piece of clothing – the sweatpant. Over the past few years, sweatpants have evolved from uniform of the underutilized (looking at you George Costanza) to high fashion fodder. For as strange as it may seem though, the recent rise of the sweatpant makes perfect sense. No other item embodies the dualistic (and often conflicting) nature of menswear in 2015. We want our clothes relaxed, yet refined. We want things to be comfortable, without appearing sloppy. We want both crisp and casual in equal measure. And that brings us to the sweatpant. Or as described by countless buzz-wordy product descriptions, the “tailored,” “tapered,” “slim,” and/or “dress” sweatpant.

Pleat It Forward

Mar 17th, 2015 | Categories: Menswear, Style | by ACL Editors


George Carlin had his famous “seven dirty words,” but in menswear we really have just one: pleats. At a time when even sweatpants have become stylish, nothing says, “I’ve given up” quite like a pair of pleated pants. They’re the uniform for the uninformed, pants for men who dress literally and figuratively in the dark.

During the “great menswear enlightenment” of the mid-aughts, pleats came to represent all that was wrong with the average male wardrobe. Flat fronted pants weren’t just a more streamlined option, they were the only option for those that were in the know. Men that wore pleats didn’t realize, or worse didn’t care, that that their bloated trousers looked terrible. The general assumption became that if you wore pleated pants, you just didn’t get it. And no man ever wants to be accused of that.


Canada’s Menswear Mecca.

Mar 11th, 2015 | Categories: Canada, Design, Menswear | by ACL Editors


Consider this a public service announcement: it’s high time we all start paying attention to Vancouver. While we’ve been busy paying attention to whatever is happening in New York, or L.A., or even Toronto, Vancouver has quietly pieced together one of the most interesting menswear design communities not just in the Americas but in the world. With a small, yet impressive crop of young stores and brands, Vancouver has become a case-study in the power of autonomy. Free from, but not ignorant of, the goings-on in the traditional hotspots, Vancouver’s menswear community has flourished over the past few years, carving out an acute aesthetic which appeals to an audience far beyond the Canadian border.

Bastong’s Starting Seven.

Mar 5th, 2015 | Categories: Menswear, Outerwear | by ACL Editors


When we first covered Eastlogue back in March of last year, we assumed that they were just a fluke – the rare Korean brand that was exceptional enough to make a splash here in the states.

Boy, were we wrong.

If there was one major takeaway from the trade shows this season, it was that the Koreans are ready for primetime. There were enough Korean brands showing this year that it was hard to even keep them straight. Most of them were good, a few were bad, but only two were truly great. One was the aforementioned Eastlogue, (glad to see they weren’t a one-hit-wonder) and the other was Bastong, a four year old brand that has shown in America before, but made the biggest splash this time around.

Bastong10 Bastong11

Wes Anderson and the Importance of the Corduroy Suit.

Mar 1st, 2015 | Categories: ACL Endorses, Menswear, Movies, Suiting | by ACL Editors


Men’s style writers love heralding the importance of having a uniform – a signature set of clothes that you personally can own, day in, day out. In theory, most men would agree that this is a great concept, but what’s interesting is that so few of us actually put the uniform to use. Try to think of a man, any man who has a set uniform. Not easy is it? For us, there is one man who always springs to mind when we think “uniform,” and that’s Wes Anderson. He might not always wear corduroy suits, but he certainly pulls them on (and for that matter pulls them off) quite a lot.


A True People’s Champ.

Feb 24th, 2015 | Categories: History, Menswear, Sports, Style | by ACL Editors


In the ring Muhammed Ali was a monster. He would grab hold of each match, dancing his way around the ring until just the right moment and then BAM, his fist, as big as a loaf of bread and as weighty as Thor’s hammer, would shoot forth so as to inflict the maximum amount of damage upon his adversary.

Despite his brutal blows, Ali was not fueled by anger. Fighting was his job, and he was damn well good at it. But outside the ring, he was known for his big personality – a man who could be caring and controversial in equal measure. Never one to hold back, Ali would often play to the camera, as seen in his famous Esquire cover and photo shoot with The Beatles. He was also a pretty sharp dresser, especially for a guy of his size. Ali wasn’t so much a gentle giant, as he was a giant gentleman, which is why his battle with Parkinson’s disease, and his subsequent deteriorating state later in life, has been so painful to watch. And so it’s best to remember Ali as he was in his glorious heyday – as the true people’s champ.