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ACL Maps | LA Drinking & Dining

Apr 10th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Service | by Michael Williams

The Maps & Intel page has been updated again, this time with Los Angeles bars and restaurants. This map is a whopper, the most comprehensive to date. The gastro-guide is a partnership with the excellent Kitsune Noir who contributed (along with his best friend Max; thank you Max) heavily to this. Happy dining!

ACL Maps | Los Angeles Shopping

Mar 19th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Service | by Michael Williams

I recently updated the Maps & Intel page with a handy guide to Los Angeles shopping. While the New York map has been on the site for a while, its LA centered counterpart has been long overdue. LA is one of my favorite places to shop and this map is a good starting point for anyone interested in doing their thing, materialistically. Please do send on suggestions and additions, this is only the beginning. Also, many thanks to Meagan for doing a lot of the legwork on the map. LA drinking and dining to follow.

Los Angeles Shopping Map (Men’s):

First Look | Aether

Jan 16th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Style | by Michael Williams

One good thing about living in the greater Los Angeles area is the easy access to sun, surf, mountains and powder. This accessibility makes LA much more of an outdoors focused place than my Manhattan home base. With outdoor adventures comes the need for appropriate gear. Enter LA based Aether, a new line of stylish yet technical men’s apparel from two film producer friends, Palmer West and Jonas Smith. The new collection — which will be in stores for the first time this spring— aims to fill the void left by the outdoor companies that put out very little cool looking performance apparel.


Workwear in the LA Times

Nov 23rd, 2008 | Categories: Los Angeles, Media, Men's wear, Work Wear | by Michael Williams

Three makes a trend. Isn’t that what people say? Booth Moore has a nice article in the LA Times about the rise in popularity of workwear. This comes on the heels of both The Observer and The New York Times devoting space to the topic. I was excited to see that ACL was included in the article (thanks to Ricky Swallow for spreading the good word) along with two of my favorites Reference Library and Archival Clothing, not to mention many of my most-liked labels. The full article can be seen here.

The Real Life NAVY-ism | Mister Freedom

Jul 29th, 2008 | Categories: Los Angeles, Style, Work Wear | by Michael Williams

A few months ago I dedicated a week’s worth of coverage to “The NAVY-ism” issue of the ingenious Japanese magazine Free & Easy. Along the way (and with help from a friend in LA) I discovered Mister Freedom. The vintage military inspired collection is the brainchild of designer Christophe Loiron, who is clearly operating on a higher level. In addition to designing and manufacturing a line of Navy inspired men’s clothing, Mister Freedom is also a well edited vintage military clothing store. The premise behind the brand is to create “historically plausible clothing”, which basically means that the items in the Mister Freedom collection might not have been documented exactly as such, but the details and elements that make up the garments are things that historically existed during the era. The attention to detail, from the hardware to the fabrics, is on a level that I have never seen. In a word, amazing!

The Stronghold

Jul 14th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Denim, Los Angeles, Made in the USA, Men's wear, Work Wear | by Michael Williams

As far as a brand concepts go, it doesn’t get much better for me than the Los Angeles based Stonghold. The company was founded in Los Angeles in 1895 as the area’s first denim manufacturer, and operated continuously until its closure in 1949. Fast forward to 2004 when Michael Paradise and Michael Cassell revived the defunct work wear label as a contemporary brand with every bit of authenticity as the original.

Living the Life at Coachella

Apr 29th, 2008 | Categories: Los Angeles, Music | by Michael Williams

I’m dumb. Why didn’t I go to Coachella? The Indie rock festival was this past weekend near Palm Springs and I am getting all sorts of reports of amazingness — which is prompting me to resentment, jealously and loathing. My biz partner Ali was lucky enough smart enough to go and she said the festival was stellar per usual. She also said that The National was “one of the best performances at Coachella.” She sure does love those guys from The National. A Medium Format was also out there and took some great pictures.

UPDATE: The people at Anthem tipped me off to pictures from their Coachella party, aptly dubbed La Fiesta de Fiestas.

Vampire Weekend | Photo via JMaloney