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Mr. Heisler’s Voice Found in Kodachrome

Jun 24th, 2011 | Categories: Kodachrome | by Michael Williams

Way back when — before Instagram filters and digital do overs — every frame counted and Kodachrome was the filter. The New York Times photographer Todd Heisler recently got around to processing a box of his dad’s old Kodachrome slides, and in doing so, he discovered not only a series of beautiful images from the 1950s, but revealed a previously lost voice of his father Gordon.

More from Todd’s post on the Lens Blog:

“Cutting my teeth at newspapers in the 1990s, I had never shot in Kodachrome. Our film of choice (rather, necessity) was dull color negative, scanned. I didn’t anticipate the transformative power of a box of well-exposed Kodachromes taken nearly 50 years ago by Dad.

With the Kodachrome images, there is something deeper. There is a deliberate aesthetic at play, an eye for color, a voice. Perhaps a brief burst of creativity before the responsibilities of life with three boys took over. I wish so dearly that I could ask him about these images.”

Read the article and see all of the great photos here.

Kodachrome photos by Gordon Heisler.

Mr. Bowen’s Kodachromes

Jan 28th, 2011 | Categories: Brooklyn, History, Kodachrome | by Michael Williams

On December 16th, 1960 a Trans World Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation collided midair over Brooklyn with a United Airlines Douglas DC-8. The T.W.A. flight — a slow moving propeller plane — was heading from Columbus, Ohio en route to LaGuardia. The other plane, a much more advanced jetliner, was destined for Idlewild airport (JFK) with 77 passengers from Chicago. Had he not been running late and missed the flight, passenger #78 on United 826 would have been Sir Edmund Hillary. All together, the crash killed 134 people, being one of the worst air disasters at the time. It is a fascinating story that was highlighted extremely well on the NY Times City Room blog.

Kodachrome Snow Day in Xenia, Ohio c.1950

Dec 20th, 2010 | Categories: Kodachrome, Ohio, Photography | by Michael Williams

Photos from the archive of Electrospark.

VJ Day in Kodachrome | Hawaii August 14, 1945

Aug 14th, 2010 | Categories: Kodachrome, WWII | by Michael Williams