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A Look at Beams AW10

Sep 9th, 2010 | Categories: Japan, Menswear, Tokyo | by Michael Williams

A friend from Beams dropped off the Tokyo retailer’s new AW10 catalog and I thought I would share some of it with you here. I’m scheduled to be in Japan for a week November (hopefully it will be cool there by then) and I might have to start saving up for some of this stuff now.

First Look | Barbour Beacon TO KI TO SS10 Collection

Oct 8th, 2009 | Categories: Collaborations, England, Hunting & Fishing, Japan | by Michael Williams

With the first Barbour Beacon fall collection just hitting stores, Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida rolls on with another fantastically designed collection of outerwear from the venerable English brand. The new offerings compliment the main Barbour line perfectly, but the Beacon coats are just unique enough to be really desirable without taking anything away from the core collection. That is the tough part of collaborating with such a well known and revered brand like Barbour, making the collaboration product unique but not too too crazy. Mr. Yoshida walks that line wonderfully and every piece of both the AW09 and SS10 Beacon lines are worthy of my closet. I’ll be bold and say that this is the best designer-brand collaboration going right now — well played by all involved. Wondering what you should be wearing next spring? See below.

Tokito A1030-300dpi

Wax Bicycle Jacket | $749

The Beams Autumn Winter 2009-10 Men’s Catalog

Sep 22nd, 2009 | Categories: Japan, Style | by Michael Williams


Speaking of Japan. The Beams catalog magically appeared in my office yesterday and I couldn’t help but to scan so you guys can see what the well dressed 2% are up to this fall. (If you are wondering what I am talking about, go read the comments in That Autumn Look | Turning Japanese and it will make more sense.) As usual, I’m loving the Beams+ gear and the styling looks nice. Good luck trying to pull off a safari jacket in the United States, but it is fun to look at nonetheless.

That Autumn Look | Turning Japanese

Sep 21st, 2009 | Categories: Japan, That Autumn Look | by Michael Williams

The only thing better than the things you can have, are always the things you can’t. I stick to my belief that menswear in Japan is leaps and bounds ahead of what we get here in the States. Of course, maybe that is just because I’m here and Japan is, well, there. Everything in the below was basically created by the Americans or the British, but more than anything I see this as a purely Japanese look. Of course, maybe it is just me. Take the spirit of this and translate, coagulate and/or appreciate it as inspiration from our friends in the East.


ACL Endorses | Workers Blog & Your Old Pal Jim

Jul 29th, 2009 | Categories: ACL Endorses, Americana, Blogs, Denim, Japan | by Michael Williams

The Japanese outfit Workers is known for producing some of the ultimate reproduction of classic American work wear. The company came to my attention last year and I have been keeping an eye on it ever since. Recently, that voyeurism became much easier with the launch of the Workers blog. While I can’t read Japanese (and don’t bother translating it), I do like to follow the links and it is a good place to get a better look at the Workers goods. It is sort of like Free & Easy, but I don’t have to trek all the way up to Kinokuniya to get a copy.

Another recent discovery (and something that is linked on the Workers blog)  is the old-timey obsessed site Your Old Pal Jim. I had a chance to meet the man behind the blog, Mr. Jim Christensen at The Pop Up Flea and was impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of all things work wear, denim, garment making and seemingly everything in between. I was really impressed with Jim’s level of interest in this sort of thing and humbled by his command of the topic.

Men cutting fabric at a Manhattan factory from Your Old Pal Jim.

Take Ivy in The New York Times

Jun 18th, 2009 | Categories: Americana, Japan, Style | by Michael Williams

Take Ivy: the saga continues. Mr. David Colman weighs in on everyone’s favorite book in today’s New York Times. There was even a mention of some website called A Continuous Lean (dumb name) that has been instrumental in keeping Take Ivy prices high. Read the full article here.

My copy of Take Ivy as shot by The New York Times.


Life Skills via Japan

Jun 7th, 2009 | Categories: How To, Japan | by Michael Williams

Who needs a father to teach you how to shine your shoes or tie your tie when you can just have the Japanese show you on the internet. The fellas at AAAC turned me on to this set of videos from the Japanese skin care brand Garra that I couldn’t resist posting. The videos touch on everything from “party magic skill” (amazing!), to “shoe shine skill,” to “ironing skill.” All of the videos can be seen here, father not included.