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Wear It Down

Nov 28th, 2010 | Categories: ACL & Co., How To | by Michael Williams

A while back I gave Nick Maggio one of the bags I made with the gents from Billykirk as a thank you for Nick’s help on a project I had going. Nick is generally pretty darn helpful with stuff and this bag could never have totally conveyed my eternal debt to him, but it was a good start. After Nick received the bag he told me he was gonna wash it and fuck it up a bit — something that definitely sounded intriguing. A few weeks later I followed-up to see how things turned out. Was it a success or did he really fuck things up?

Life Skills via Japan

Jun 7th, 2009 | Categories: How To, Japan | by Michael Williams

Who needs a father to teach you how to shine your shoes or tie your tie when you can just have the Japanese show you on the internet. The fellas at AAAC turned me on to this set of videos from the Japanese skin care brand Garra that I couldn’t resist posting. The videos touch on everything from “party magic skill” (amazing!), to “shoe shine skill,” to “ironing skill.” All of the videos can be seen here, father not included.