Flickr Find | A Continuous Lean.

New York-Idlewild to Stockholm-Arlanda c. May 1959

Jan 21st, 2012 | Categories: Flickr Find, Photography | by Michael Williams

Nick DeWolf spent nearly his entire life carrying around a camera and documenting the places he went and the things he saw. The scale and scope of this is incredible, especially when you consider it was all done in a time before digital photography. Over the past four years I have been following his life, roll by roll and slide by slide, through Flickr. The photos are being shared with the help of DeWolf’s son-in-law Steve Lundeen, who has been methodically scanning and cataloging DeWolf’s life’s worth of photos — a project nearly as daunting as the original.

The photos have been working their way through the 1960s into the 1970s until recently when pictures from a vacation to Europe in 1959 began playing out through the Flickrstream. The trip begins in May of 1959 on an SAS flight from Idlewild Airport (now called John F. Kennedy International Airport) to Stockholm, Sweden. From there the adventures continue on through France, Switzerland and Italy. The images from this journey are some of my favorite from the tens of thousands that have been published by DeWolf.

Pure Americana from the Rural South

Oct 28th, 2010 | Categories: Americana, Flickr Find, Photography | by Michael Williams

Athens, Georgia based photographer Evan Leavitt has become a bit of a Flickr superstar through his documentation of the rural South. Leavitt’s photos incorporate a post production texturing effect to make them appear somewhere in-between a photo and a painting. In some instances it gets slightly too HDRish for me, an effect I’m not particularly fond of, but more often than not the photos turn out to be wonderful moments in a weathered and seemingly forgotten land. Somebody get Jen Bekman on the phone and get this guy on 20×200. I’d buy about 100 of these as photos if I could. The good news is, Evan is prolific with his art and continues to share through his photostream. Which means I continue to enjoy my daily trips to the rural South.

Friendship Baptist Church Estab. 1831 Wilkes County, GA

Barrow County, GA

The National Archives UK

Apr 5th, 2010 | Categories: England, Flickr Find, Photography | by Michael Williams

One of my favorite things to do is to poke around the photo site Flickr. There are so many amazing old photographs there — down the rabbit hole I go. A wonderful new addition to the community is the UK’s National Archive. They are just getting started and only have about 200+ photos uploaded so far, but there is already some really great stuff in there. I pulled out a selection of favorites for your enjoyment and posted them below. If you are seeking nostalgia and inspiration, click on over. [National Archives UK on Flickr]

Flickr Find | The Postal Service

May 29th, 2009 | Categories: Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

My obsession for Flickr took a serious back seat to the thousands of great images that emerged through the massive Life archive. Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent a fair amount of time mining the Flickr, working my way through a good swath of the Smithsonian’s image collection. One of my favorite images is “the first day of airmail” which is pictured below. This photo sparked a full-on Postal Service set and the Flickr Find is back!


Flickr Find | Miniature Fakery

Jan 14th, 2009 | Categories: Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

While I’m generally very turned off by HDR images, I have been obsessed as of late with tilt-shift miniature faking. The effect makes normal images look like perfectly composed models. Some beautiful examples below.


Kodachrome Christmas

Dec 25th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

Aluminum trees, tinsel, wrapping paper, overflowing stockings and boxes everywhere. A peek into Christmas past in full Kodachrome color. Merry Christmas to all of you out there. Hope you got everything you wanted. —ACL


Flickr Find | Painted Brick Signs

Dec 11th, 2008 | Categories: Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

Flickr Find is a weekly column of interesting things found on the amazing and inspiring photo sharing website Flickr.

If you look around, there are buildings with old painted signs all over the place. New York’s former warehousing district of TriBeCa is loaded with them. Although most of the buildings have been converted into luxury apartments now. Smart developers leave the signs intact to give the buildings a nice historic look. You can also see a lot of this sort of painted sign advertising on “Main Street” brick buildings throughout the middle west and south. Some favorite painted signs are below. Enjoy!