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Untimely Coverage of Autumn Outerwear

May 20th, 2011 | Categories: Fall, Outerwear | by Michael Williams

The nice weather got us thinking, when is it going to be cold again so we can start buying new fall jackets? Actually we didn’t really think that,  but we did come across these photos from the last round of trade shows of the the Woolrich John Rich & Bros AW11 collection and figured now is as good as time as any to start thinking about fall outerwear. These two jackets were the standout pieces from the new fall collection and were designed by, (you guessed it!) none other than our hero, Tokihito-san.


Sep 8th, 2010 | Categories: Fall, Scotland | by Michael Williams

Fall is coming, I assure you. And with it comes tweed in all of its wonderful forms. The most famous of all of the tweed variants is Harris Tweed, which is made on special hand-powered looms in the islands of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. I do my part to wear tweed as much as possible during the colder months, and dream about it the rest of the year. It is a beautiful and versatile fabric, and one steeped in history.

The method and location of manufacture is important to the fabric being officially sanctioned as tweed. All authentic tweed production is made on looms that must be run only under human power. This makes the production an interesting sight (see video below) and creates a wonderful click-clack soundtrack. It almost appears as if the operators are riding a bicycle of sorts. I can only imagine coming in from the wind and cold of the Scottish hills to see someone making tweed. That must be an amazing sight.

Fear Not…

Aug 21st, 2010 | Categories: Fall, Ohio | by Michael Williams

Fall is coming, I assure you. With fall comes college football; and with college football comes happiness. Oh, and for me, college football also comes with beer and Barbour coats. Those are all beautiful things — especially when combined.

It is during this time every year that I am again inspired by the great Ohioian Woody Hayes to stay humble.

Fear Not…

Aug 12th, 2010 | Categories: Fall, Made in the USA | by Michael Williams

Fall is coming, I assure you. And what could be a better symbol of autumn than these LL Bean Signature boots? Fall is undeniably the best time of year on the East Coast, it’s just good living. I dream about the season and its trappings most of the year. Stay tuned for more on that thought…