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Best in Show: The Case for Westminster.

Feb 10th, 2014 | Categories: David Coggins, Dog, New York City | by David Coggins

Stump The Westminster Kennel Club has awarded Best in Show since 1877, making it America’s longest continuously held sporting event, with the exception of the Kentucky Derby. And we always look forward to the big show, which begins Monday at Madison Square Garden. Everybody has their cherished memories—who can forget when announcer Joe Garagiola cheerfully remarked about a female dog trotting by, “look at that sprightly little bitch”? That’s a moment that just doesn’t comes along very often.

There are always controversies and curiosities and intriguing new breeds (this year we welcome the Rat Terrier). There are favorite dogs denied glory (Cinders, the dignified wire-haired Dachshund, was runner-up a few years back to a possibly alien Pomeranian). There are also, of course, unworthy victors (the infamous Banana Jack, from last year, may be the most upsetting winner in the history of organized sport). Then there are beloved legends, (Josh, the Newfoundland, Stump, the Sussex Spaniel, Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound) . These dogs are remembered longer than most NBC sitcoms.

ACL Endorses | Skookum Dog

Dec 1st, 2013 | Categories: Dog, Made in the USA | by Michael Williams


Anyone that reads this site and owns a dog will appreciate this story and this new brand. Having suffered long enough with the limited options of well-made dog gear, the good people of Tom Bihn in Seattle have recently introduced Skookum Dog, its new line of U.S. made collars, leads, beds, bags and toys for man’s best friend. Having personally stood in several pet stores and wished there were not only more domestically sourced options, but simply better-made stuff for dogs that will actually last longer than an afternoon, this new collection is a welcome addition. There are other brands like Filson and Tanner Goods out there that make some great stuff for dogs, but it’s nice to also see Skookum Dog enter the fray.