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Barbour’s Many Bedfellows.

Dec 9th, 2014 | Categories: Collaborations, Jake Gallagher, Made in England, Menswear | by Jake Gallagher


Barbour’s been busy. One hundred twenty years after they were founded in South Shields, England, Barbour’s creative output is as high as ever. Not only does the brand’s main line now consist of a handful of collections, including heritage, sporting, and cycling, but the company continues to widen the reach, bringing new collaborations into the fold with each passing season. These collaborations are as varied and interesting as Barbour’s audience, ranging from a mammoth global corporation like Adidas, down to smaller shops such as Soto Berlin. Our count stands at seven collaborations thus far this year, but considering their track record, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Barbour’s collaborations climb into the double digits for 2015.


Barbour x Norton & Sons Heritage Collection

The Many Collaborations of Nigel Cabourn.

Sep 19th, 2014 | Categories: Collaborations, England, Jake Gallagher | by Jake Gallagher


Nigel Cabourn once stated that he’s “been trying to be a designer for the last forty years.” Well, Mr. Cabourn you certainly could’ve fooled us. Having founded his first label in his early twenties, Cabourn is one of menswear’s most astute and imaginative minds, crafting spirited contemporary renditions of classic English military and sportswear designs. To complement his mainline pieces Cabourn often works in partnership with brands, both ubiquitous and unknown, to create collaborative collections that share his eponymous brand’s thoughtful approach to clothing design. We’ve rounded up Cabourn’s most impressive recent collaborations, but with a C.C. Filson collection on deck for next season, it’s safe to say that Cabourn’s best is still yet to come.

Mark McNairy | The Collaboration King

Aug 11th, 2014 | Categories: Collaborations, Jake Gallagher, Menswear | by Jake Gallagher


Mark McNairy doesn’t say much.

The man who revived the red brick sole is now almost as renowned for his blunt single sentence interview answers in caps lock as for his pattern-heavy collections. Reading a McNairy profile one would assume that he operates as a lone wolf, the sort of designer who prefers to remain in his own head free from any outside influences, but this is hardly the case. For McNairy, his main New Amsterdam label encompasses just one (albeit large) slice of his portfolio, the rest of which is comprised of collaborations, large and small, predictable and obscure, that have became paramount to his standing as one of America’s best known designers. Over the past few years McNairy has worked with everyone from rappers to a brewery to a Japanese street wear store to a legendary American label. While it would be tough to catalog every single collaboration McNairy has been a part of since stepping out on his own, we’ve done our best to compile a year’s worth of McNasty partnerships, although we can’t guarantee he won’t drop anymore by the time you read this.

Tellason for ACL & Co.

Jan 30th, 2011 | Categories: ACL & Co., ACL SHOP, Collaborations, Denim | by Michael Williams

As far as special products go, it was a natural for me to collaborate with Tellason on a special pair of jeans for the ACL Shop. We share similar perspectives when it comes to denim and more importantly we both possess a commitment to American manufacturing, especially when it comes to jeans.

I first met Tony Patella and Pete Searson, the founders of the brand, two years ago through a mutual friend. Tony and Pete have worked in the business for some time, but were just getting started with Tellason when our paths crossed. I was impressed with what they were doing with Tellason. It was around that same time that I interviewed Tony to help introduce Tellason to the ACL faithful.

London Undercover x ACL & Co. Cashmere Scarf

Oct 21st, 2010 | Categories: ACL SHOP, Collaborations | by Michael Williams

When I was in London this past spring I met with Jamie Milestone, the founder of London Undercover, maker of umbrellas and other well designed accessories about a potential partnership on some limited run goods. At the meeting we hashed out some ideas and set out to produce a series of co-branded products, the first of which being this Black Watch tartan plaid and orange scarf. Woven of 100% cashmere, the scarves are made in England using time honored methods and pair, in our humble opinion, the world’s greatest color combination.

[London Undercover x ACL & Co. cashmere scarf — $245]

Levi’s Workwear by Filson | The Oregon Fire Lines

Aug 17th, 2010 | Categories: Americana, Collaborations, Made in the USA, Oregon | by Michael Williams

The folks at Levi Strauss & Co. teamed up with Filson to release a small capsule collection of collaboration workwear. It’s an intriguing project on a few levels; one being that both companies are storied and rugged American brands. The other lies in the fact that Filson doesn’t just collaborate with anyone. To go along with the co-branded goods (which I think have been very well thought out), Levi’s tapped Vice to make a short film about the people from the Grayback Forestry Company in Medford, Oregon, who battle Forest fires for a living. It is my feeling that the documentary adds an interesting dimension to an already appealing project. Expect a few more interesting collaborations from the LS&CO in the coming months.

Further reading: Levi’s x Filson at A Conversation on Cool and The U.S. Forest Service on ACL

ACL & Co. x J.Crew | Canvas Coal Bags

Jul 22nd, 2010 | Categories: ACL & Co., Collaborations | by Michael Williams

My pal Sullivan and I grabbed our bikes yesterday and took a recon mission to see my newest collaboration in store — at one of my favorite stores. Just landed at J.Crew (Liquor store, 484 Broadway, East Hampton and online) are two special canvas coal bags made under my own ACL & Co. label by old-school American maker Dandux. They make a great summer bag and will last you a lifetime. The small tote with carry strap is designed for using while biking around the city and the large coal bag is the ultimate beach bag and was a lifesaver at Brimfield. Originally designed to carry coal (hence the name), these bags are even used by the US Forest Service out West to clear trails and remove debris. [J.Crew] [ACL & Co.]

The large coal bag and small zipper bag at J.Crew 484 Broadway in NYC.