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The Jolly | Fiat’s Leisuremobile

May 23rd, 2014 | Categories: Automobiles, Cars, Jake Gallagher | by Jake Gallagher


Back in January, Louis C.K. appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s webseries “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” which made for an entertaining episode in and of itself, but the real star of the show was the car that Seinfeld selected for the program – a 1959 Fiat Jolly. Braving the New York City streets in a glorified golf cart with no doors and a fabric roof is nerve-racking enough, but when you factor in that less than one-hundred Jolly’s are left in the world, Seinfeld’s car choice seems downright irresponsible.


On All Fours | Inclement Adventures in Wyoming

Jan 30th, 2013 | Categories: Automobiles, Cars, Travel | by Michael Williams



Where I grew up, it basically snowed everyday all winter. Cleveland gets its fair share of Lake Effect snow and after a while it all just becomes routine. Eventually, you figure out how to drive in bad weather. We would get two feet of snow and no one would care, it would just be a bit of a hassle. Being in New York City for the past twelve years has meant that my hard-earned Northeast Ohio winter driving skills have languished in a world with mass transit and very little snow. It’s disappointing because I actually came to enjoy driving in bad weather.

Then one day Mercedes-Benz called and said that they wanted me to go out to Wyoming and test out 4MATIC, their all-wheel drive system on a really nice CLS550. Really? Me? Umm yeah, oaky, I can help you guys out.


Woodwarding the Internets

May 31st, 2012 | Categories: Automobiles, Design | by Michael Williams

The site Chromeography is the best use of Tumblr that I have seen in a very long time. (Thanks are due to Zach T. in Chicagoland for the heads up.) The collection of imagery (with an emphasis on the beautiful auto badges) rolls ever so perfectly across a screen it proves that the true magic of the internets is rooted in the simplest things. The page isn’t all car parts — espresso makers, padlocks, Leicas and even a Walther PPK all make appearances — but it definitely scratches the automobile itch with the perfect mixture of chrome dipped font nerdery. Not to mention an extra helping of Americana. [Chromeography]

Close-Up: Classic Brits at Salon Privé

Jun 9th, 2011 | Categories: Automobiles, England, Jared Paul Stern | by Jared Paul Stern

On June 23rd RM Auctions is staging a staggering sale of classic British motorcars during the Salon Privé, an English garden party-style car show and luxury goods fair at Syon Park, the sprawling London estate of the Duke of Northumberland. There will also be a Concours d’Elegance highlighting categories including the Ferrari 250 Competizione and motorcycles from the Steve McQueen era. Dubbed the “Quintessentially English” sale, the auction features a range of desirable examples from famed UK marques made during the last century, with estimates ranging from about £50,000 – £500,000. We were especially taken with some of the hand-finished details on the cars, pictured here.

Adventures in Lambo Land

Apr 27th, 2011 | Categories: Automobiles | by Michael Williams

The guys from UrbanDaddy’s awesome new auto site Driven sent me on assignment to test drive the new Lamborghini Gallardo at a private track in Monticello, New York. You can’t make this stuff up. Read all about it here: [Mr. ACL Meets the New Lambo]

NOWNESS | On the Green

Aug 25th, 2010 | Categories: Automobiles | by Michael Williams

There aren’t many events that are more appealing to me than the Concours d’Elegance, which is why I was so happy when I found out NOWNESS wanted to dispatch me to cover the weekend long event. The Concours — which takes place every year on the third Sunday in August at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in California — is without question America’s most prestigious vintage auto gathering. In addition to its esteemed reputation amongst collectors,  the show should be ranked at the highest levels of awe and (vintage car) jealously for mere mortals like myself. Concours also ranks up there in terms of people watching and supercar spotting, by the end of the weekend seeing a Bugatti or Enzo was akin to spotting a new Taurus — no biggie. You can read my account and see some wonderful images from the 2010 Concours d’Elegance at NOWNESS.

Photos by Douglas Friedman for NOWNESS.

Like a Two-Tone Rock

Jun 2nd, 2010 | Categories: Americana, Automobiles | by Michael Williams

A certain 1972 Chevy has had my attention for the past few months. I’m not in a position to get one, but damn I think about it all the time. I really love all of those 1970s Chevy trucks, especially the C10s and the late 70s Suburbans a la Bad Blake. The film Crazy Heart had me up late on the internet looking for 1978 Suburbans in that perfect two-tone rust colorway. Try as I did, a good photo of that particular truck proved elusive, but I did manage to find the nice wood grain Suburban below and a whole bunch of old Chevy truck ads from the 1960s. What really strikes me are those egg shell blue and green colors — that’s pretty much as American as it gets. For more old truck imagery check out this gent’s Flickr and enjoy the old Chevys below. In the mean time, I’ll try to figure out what I want to spend my imaginary 20K on, a British milspec Rollie or a 1972 C10 two-tone.