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An Industrial Workspace State of Mind

Oct 21st, 2009 | Categories: Art, New York City, Photography | by Michael Williams

It is obvious that David Neville and Marcus Wainwright — the guys behind Rag & Bone — have great taste. Practically all of the clothing the brand turns out ends up on my wish list and with the opening of the company’s new SoHo store, you can add art to that list. The Mercer Street shop is currently featuring an installation of photos titled “Workspace,” from photographer Joseph Holmes. The beautiful images center around — you guessed it — people’s desks, which often end up being cluttered workbenches and messy industrial nooks around New York City. Holmes (pictured here at the Rag & Bone party this past week with actress Sienna Miller and Messers Wainwright and Neville) grew up in a factory town in Pennsylvania and has a talent for showing the beauty in industrial aesthetics. The full Workspace exhibit can be seen online here, or take a walk over to Rag & Bone at 119 Mercer Street in New York.


When Comfort Reigns Supreme

Dec 8th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Style | by Michael Williams

If you missed it, the artist, filmmaker and American badass Julian Schnabel was on 60 Minutes last night. I did a little round-up of Mr. Schnabel’s pajama-loving style over at my Selectism sandbox. You can see it here.

Further reading: DNR / Menswear on getting that pajama look.

Photo via Kempt / PMc

Flickr Find | Disassembled Household Appliances

Aug 19th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

Flickr Find is a weekly column of interesting things found on the amazing and inspiring photo sharing website Flickr.

While a student at the Hartford Art School, Brittny Badger wanted to show everyday household appliances from an otherwise unseen perspective. She set to work meticulously disassembled each piece and “arranged their interior parts very systematically on a white sheet of Bristol board” to expose the appliance’s “brains.” The arrangements and subsequent photographs give a completely unique look at something regularly ignored. The resulting images are stunning, futuristic and would be the perfect kitchen decor.

Dust Buster

Michael Johansson | Installation, Art & Texture

Apr 11th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Style | by Michael Williams

Sometimes you find artists where you are interested in everything they touch. Michael Johansson is one of those people for me. I can’t get enough of his work. Below are pictures of some of my favorites.

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What Are You Wearing Today?

Apr 4th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Denim, New York City, Style | by Michael Williams

Last week I went to see a exhibit sponsored by Superfuture called “What Are You Wearing Today” by photographer Sidney Lo. The presentation documented Sidney’s outfit through self portraits, everyday for an entire year. The resulting series of images and video are magical.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.497147&w=425&h=350&]

More info from Lo’s website:

The concept of the project “originates from the popular superfuture supertalk messageboard. Alongside being one of the foremost resources for japanese-made artisan reproductions of classic American jeans, the site features a thread affectionately known as WAYWT which spans thousands of pages containing photographs documenting what Superfuture’s members are wearing each and every day.

A Well Suited Kinetic State.

Mar 28th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Men's wear, New York City, Style | by Michael Williams

Artist Joseph La Piana had a reception last night for the opening of his newest exhibit “Kinetic State” at the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea. The artist presented his intriguing abstract paintings with guests Demi Moore, Clive Davis and most notably Thom Browne. The stylish Mr. La Piana was dressed in a Thom Browne suit and plaid tie.


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Art & Engineering | Theo Jansen.

Feb 9th, 2008 | Categories: Art, Commercials, Technology | by Michael Williams

Animals at the beach

Artist Theo Jansen has captured my imagination recently with the kinetic sculptures that he calls “Strand Beests.” The wind-powered animated works are released by Jansen on the beach in the Netherlands where they roam around freely. More info from Wikipedia:

Genetic algorithms can be modified to solve a variety of problems including circuit design, and in the case of Theo Jansen’s creations, complex systems. Some measure of “fitness” is introduced into the algorithm; in Theo’s case it is to survive on the beach while moving around within two enclosing lines on the wet sand near the ocean, and the dry sand at the edge of the beach. Those designs best at the assigned task within the modeled beach environment are bred together and graded again. Over time complex designs emerge which sprout wings and flap in the breeze pressurizing what look like plastic 2 liter soda bottles. Articulated legs sprout and scuttle across the sand like those of a crab. Theo uses plastic electrical conduit to make some of the computer’s most promising designs. He then lets them roam free on the beach, measures their success, and updates his model.


Further reading:

There is a very interesting and informative TED video featuring Jansen and his creations.

And BMW has featured Jansen in one of their commercials.

YouTube Preview Image
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