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ACL Advisor | How to Wash Your Denim

Sep 29th, 2008 | Categories: ACL Advisor, Denim | by Michael Williams

One of the things that makes denim such a lovable thing is the process and uniqueness of its aging. I have been working on a pair of A.P.C. jeans (Original Standard) for the past twelve or so months. The jeans started, like all other A.P.C. denim (excluding the Butler collection of course), as an unwashed raw selvage fabric. Over time the jeans gradually became more faded, whiskered, wrinkled and distressed. In the previous year of wear, the only form of cleaning has been a single trip to the dry cleaner. Lately, it has become obvious that I can’t hold out on washing the jeans any longer. Over the weekend I decided to give my jeans their first official cleaning.

A side by side comparison of one year old jeans next to a new unworn version.